DIY Gifts

5 DIY Vegan Holiday Food Gifts

DIY Gifts

Food gifts are inexpensive to put together, delightful to make, and show that the giver has paid attention to the recipient’s tastes and preferences as far as foodstuffs are concerned. In the season of sharing, why not share a little love from one kitchen to another? Here are 5 DIY gifts you can make and present in a fancy jar:

1 )Vegan Three Bean Chili Mix
by Everyday Southwest

Image © <a href="">Waking Up Vegan</a></em>

On chilly winter nights, few things warm you up from nose to toes like a hot bowl of chili. Packed with flavour and warming spices, it’s a little bowl of heaven to be eaten with a spoon. The great thing about a chili base like this is that the recipient can add whatever they like to suit their tastes, be it tossing  in some chopped fresh peppers for crunch or topping it with guacamole and crushed tortilla chips.

2) Layered Soup Mix
by Waking Up Vegan

Much like chili, soup is a warming hug on a cold day, and an absolute comfort food when you’re sick. A multi-layered, colourful jar of ready-for-the-pot soup mix is a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list, and a wonderful thing to have in the cupboard when the winter sniffles strike.

3) Coconut Brownie Mix

Ideal for baking in the middle of the night when a choco-licious craving hits, these brownies just need egg replacer, margarine, and a bit of vanilla extract added to the dry mix. Then just toss them into the oven, bounce around for 25 min or so ’til they’re done, and indulge away.

4) Punk Rock Cookies in a Jar
via Post Punk Kitchen

Who doesn’t love cookies? A jar full of sweet, chewy soon-to-be cookies is absolutely squeal-inducing, and can be put together as a team effort to be munched on while watching those terrible old holiday TV specials over and over again.

5) Mulled Cider Mix
from iFood

Simple, sweet, and spicy, pour these ingredients into a small jar and tie up with ribbon: simmered in cider, it makes for a gorgeous holiday beverage that can be enjoyed on its own, or kicked up a notch with some rum or brandy.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about pretty much every vegan I’ve ever known, it’s the shared love of cooking that everyone seems to have. For some, it seems that going vegan encouraged them to learn to cook for themselves so they were certain they weren’t eating any animal ingredients, and the enjoyment of all things culinary developed from there; for others, it was an opportunity to try out new recipes and cooking techniques so they didn’t just live on mushroom ramen noodles and salad. Either way, I don’t know a single vegan person who doesn’t know the basics of cooking and baking, and that’s a huge bonus when it comes to holiday gift giving. This holiday season, share your culinary gifts with friends and family, vegans and non-vegans alike. Everyone can appreciate gifts made with love.

Fudgy Brownie Mix in a Jar
Fudgy Brownie Mix in a Jar by jazzijava on flickr
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