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5 Must Watch Documentaries


I don’t know about your personal journey but watching documentaries about animal welfare is what ultimately brought me to my vegan lifestyle. These five documentaries touch upon animal welfare, health, and environmental effects of factory farming, corporate farming, and more.

Photo from Earthlings

1. Earthlings
This powerful and emotionally driven documentary covers how animals suffer for food, fashion, pets, entertainment, and medical research. 

2 (of Many) Main Takeaways:
1. Our actions have a direct impact on all earthlings, not just fellow humans.
2. There’s a connection between racism, sexism, and speciesism.

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Photo from Forks Over Knives

2. Forks Over Knives
This film features interviews from key doctors and explores how eating a low-fat, plant-based diet helps combat many health issues.

2 Main Takeaways:
1. A low fat, whole food plant-based diet = a healthier body.
2. Diabetes, cancers and other diseases are linked to diets full of processed and animal-based foods.

Photo from Vegucated

3. Vegucated
This film documents three meat- and cheese-loving Americans as they adopt a plant-based lifestyle and shows the emotional, health, and physical changes each goes through.

2 Main Takeaways:
1. A whole-foods plant-based diet = good.
2. An animal product-based diet = bad.

Photo from Food Inc.

4. Food, Inc.
Delving into the world of corporate farming and agriculture business, Food, Inc. takes a stance against factory farming deeming it inhumane, unsustainable, and environmentally destructive.

2 Main Takeaways:
1. Factory farming is damaging our oceans, soil, and health.
2. Corporate farming serves corporate interests and only corporate interests.

Photo from Blackfish.

5. Blackfish 
This documentary covers animals in the entertainment industry, namely orcas and their experience in captivity.

2 Main Takeaways:
1. Captivity causes orcas to experience deep emotional and psychological pain.
2. Many humans are completely unaware of the damage they cause to nonhuman animals by supporting companies like Sea World.

What documentaries would you add to our vegan-making arsenal? Tell us in the comments below.

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