terra and co charcoal dental floss
Charcoal Dental Floss
Charcoal Dental Floss

Charcoal Dental Floss

  • Charcoal
  • Zero Waste
  • Mint

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Fast Facts:

Best for: Those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to dental hygiene.
Fun fact: This product is 100% zero waste including packaging.
Our tip: Pairs well with a bamboo toothbrush and natural toothpaste.
Taste: Floss is mint-spiked for minty taste.

Activated charcoal bamboo fiber, vegan candelilla wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, peppermint oil, spearmint essential oil.

Sister-Owned Brand

When sisters Amra and Azra grew tired of seeing chemicals and warning labels on dental products, they decided it was time to create danger-free, sustainable oral care that was safe for people and the planet. Amra turned her focus to formulating natural, chemical-free ingredients, and Azra used her fine arts background to design zero-waste packaging. The result – oral care you can trust.

Sustainable Zero-Waste Floss

Terra & Co’s dental floss is 100% biodegradable so you can trust it doesn’t end up in a landfill or the ocean. Its paper packaging is FSC certified and recyclable too, meaning both the packaging and contents are ethically sourced and zero waste. Additionally, Bamboo is also one of the planet’s fastest-growing resources. Switching to bamboo-based floss means you’re reducing your environmental impact as it takes less time to decompose than traditional plastic or floss.

Optimizing Oral Care With Charcoal

Terra & Co are maximizing the benefits of natural ingredients to enhance your oral care routine. Using activated charcoal is a natural way to balance your oral micro-bio system, reduce acid, prevent cavities, improve bad breath, and optimize gum health. Healthy gums are linked to reducing the risk of chronic health conditions, like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Activated charcoal floss absorbs the powers of charcoal and extracts bad bacteria and toxins from the gums, contributing to your overall health.

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