ellovi mint lip butter
Mint Lip Butter Balm
Mint Lip Butter Balm

Mint Lip Butter Balm

  • Minty
  • Multi-Use
  • Natural

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Fast Facts:

Best for: Those with dry lips who want to prevent sun damage.
Smells like: Minty and fresh.
Feels like: Smooth and silky in a buttery balm.
Helpful for: Prevents sun damage, dryness, and adding all-day moisture.

Macadamia Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Wax, Peppermint Oil, Cocoa Butter.

Handmade By Women

Ellovi is a woman-led company that launched in 2013 with the goal of shifting the skincare industry in a more natural direction. The brand produces all of its products by hand in Berkley, California using minimal, clean ingredients. You will never find anything synthetic in Ellovi products, only healthy and healing ingredients made entirely from plants.

A Natural Lip Healing Balm

Ellovi’s Mint Lip Butter is formulated by hand from just 6 healthy ingredients. It is antioxidant-rich and known to protect against sun exposure and chapped lips. The freshness of the mint will leave your lips feeling invigorated all day long.

Why Lip Care Matters

Lips are as unique to an individual as their fingerprints, yet 100 times more sensitive than fingertips. This is because the skin on our lips has very few layers in relation to other parts of our bodies, making them very prone to damage. Lips are also unique as they are unable to sweat – that’s why so many of us get dry lips. Many of us ignore our lips, but with sun exposure, dryness and sensitivity all major factors, lip care is essential to good skin health.

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