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LiveKuna created the first superfood blend in the US that combines chia with probiotics. Organic Chia + Probiotics supports digestive health, strengthens the immune system, promotes bone health and provides 1 billion live and active probiotics per 12g serving (1 tablespoon) with protein, omega-3, antioxidants, minerals and calcium.

From LiveKuna’s fields in Ecuador directly to your table, this chia goes through a strict quality control process from sowing until harvest, cleaning and packaging. It is then blended with probiotics to offer the ideal blend to fuel better nutrition and quality of life. Pesticides are avoided to ensure that the best seeds are distributed and consumed.

“Kuna” means “to give” in the Quechua language, the dialect spoken by the Indigenous people living in the Andean region, and it summarizes LiveKuna’s philosophy of giving and sharing a superfood with people all around the world.

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