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PMS Bites

“Four years ago on New Year’s Eve, I set my resolution; record how each of my days went for three years. It was a simple exercise to help me be more mindful, present, and reflective, and it led me to my passion. My eyes were opened to a consistent trend in my life; many of my bad days were around my PMS time. I began to search for solutions that would turn my PMS days from bad to good. Exercise, more sleep, healthy eating. It all mattered. But I was still craving sugary treats. I needed something to curb my cravings without guilt. In my little kitchen in the the North End of Boston, I began to craft healthy, bite-sized, chocolate desserts specifically for my PMS week. PMS Bites are chocolatey and healthy snacks specifically designed for women when we need it most. All bites are made with all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients. With no processed sugar and at 80 calories a pop, women finally have a dessert women can crave and enjoy without guilt. While I know women can accomplish anything we set our minds to, PMS symptoms can range from a nuisance at best to completely debilitating at worst. My passion is to help women optimize their time and full potential by finding solutions that work best for them. Let’s take those 122 days back! PMS Bites provide a healthy alternative to sugary, unhealthy treats for health conscious women. Dig in with me and experience comfort without guilt.” - Tania Green, Founder of PMS BItes

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