HappyCow is celebrating 20 years with a special Vegancuts Snack Box subscription which allows you to discover amazing snacks, drinks, and meal kits every month. Using code COW20 at checkout will support our work at HappyCow.

Special December Box

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, HappyCow has teamed up with Vegancuts in a special way.

We’re bringing you a Vegancuts Snack Box in December that will allow you to discover snacks that are 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

Vegancuts is a subscription which sends you 10+ new and unique snacks every month which are carefully curated by their experts. I personally know that you will LOVE the snacks.

Use code COW20 at checkout, and your order today will directly support the important work that we do at HappyCow.

– Eric & teamCow

 P.S. Vegancuts also has a 100% vegan and cruelty-free monthly beauty box and quarterly makeup box. Using COW20 on any of these will equally support HappyCow.

The Vegancuts Promise

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100% Cruelty Free
10+ Items Per Month
Easy to Manage Subscription Renewals
Free U.S. Shipping
Flexible Subscriptions

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