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Bite into KUR Delights

Bite into KUR Delights
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  • Bite into KUR Delights
  • Bite into KUR Delights
  • Bite into KUR Delights
  • Bite into KUR Delights


  • Pack of 12 bite-sized KUR Delights
  • All raw ingredients
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Certified organic, kosher, non-GMO
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
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  • Limit 1 purchase per person
  • Limited availability

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Driven by flavor and guided by science, KUR Delights are the perfect snack for adults and kids alike. Created using a short list of organic ingredients, they're made with dried fruit, nuts and lots of personality. These sweet, little, gluten-free bites have no sugar or sweeteners added, and are packed with raw nutrition. Perfect for mid-day rejuvenation, after school snacks, or post-workout refuel, they're a delicious indulgences at less than 80 calories per serving.

The people of Denmark have been enjoying KUR Delights for years. But as word got out, the company was begged to bring their snacks to the USA. With this offer, you'll get to try all three of KUR Delight's perfect superfood snacks in one great variety pack: 4 packages each of brownie, coconut cream and chocolate mint.

Product Description

Each purchase includes 12 x 17g KUR Delights. Choose your favorite flavor or get four of each of the following flavors:

If you take all of the rich, chocolate flavor and texture of regular brownies, and sculpt them from cashews, almonds and dates, this is what you'll create. KUR's Brownies are delectable, sweet, moist, and fudge-y in taste and texture, but made of all natural raw ingredients. Your taste buds will thank you for every mouthful.

Raw & Organic ingredients: Dates*, Cashew Butter*, Cacao Powder*, Almonds*, Cinnamon*, Essential Oil of Orange*. Contains: Tree Nuts* (Almonds*, Cashew*)

Coconut Cream
Think of a perfect coconut cream pie. Now think of those succulent tropical flavours, and imagine them poured into little snacks that you can pop into your mouth anytime you like. Sounds too good to be true? One bite of these coconut creams will prove otherwise.

Raw & Organic ingredients: Dates*, Cashew Butter*, Dried Shredded Coconut*, Cashews* Contains: Tree Nuts* (Cashews*, Coconut*)

Dark Chocolate Mint
Probably the most classic flavor pairing of all time, it's a combination that has Girl Scouts running out of stock across the nation. These dark chocolate morsels of absolute paradise are free of any gluten, sugar or animal-sourced ingredients, and so full of decadent flavor that you'll feel the mint tingle all the way to your toes.

Raw & Organic ingredients: Dates*, Cashew Butter*, Cacao*, Cacao Nibs*, Cashews*, Essential oil of Peppermint*, Almonds*. Contains: Tree Nuts* (Cashews*, Almonds*)

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