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Blondie and Bar Set

Blondie and Bar Set
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  • Blondie and Bar Set
  • Blondie and Bar Set
  • Blondie and Bar Set


  • Gourmet, artisan confections
  • Makes a lovely gift
  • Handmade in Emeryville, CA
  • Made with raw cacao
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Low-glycemic sweeteners

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Set includes 2 Blondies, 1 Caramel Bar, and 1 Rawmond Butter Bar, packaged with pink tissue paper.

Coracao Confections is here to offer you a blissful break through their fun, mood lightening, love magnifying, romance arousing, nerve tingling, heart opening, pure chocolates. You can feel confident knowing the smooth cacao butter melting in your mouth is enveloping some of the most antioxidant rich, nutrient packed, and highest quality confections in the world.

Blondie Bar 2 Pack - 3.35 oz
Enjoy a Two-Pack of the best-selling Blondie Bar. The superfood Lucuma gives this chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon bar its butterscotch and cookie-dough flavors.

Caramel Bar - 2.5oz
81% dark chocolate bar filled with sumptuous cashew and yacon-based caramel combining the sweet flavor and buttery thick consistency of traditional caramel without the guilt or toothaches!

Rawmond Butter Bar - 2.5 oz
This is Coracao Confections' version of a peanut butter cup! Creamy almond butter with coconut sugar and Himalayan crystal salt inside their Peruvian 81% dark chocolate bar. A favorite amongst their team, and a best seller.

Why raw chocolate?
Raw cacao is one of the most nutritious foods in the world, containing mega amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and "happy brain" chemicals that can uplift your mood and enhance overall well being.

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KEY: *Organic, + Raw, ^ Wild-crafted

Blondie Bar
Ingredients: Raw Cacao Paste*+, Raw Cacao Butter*+, Coconut Flakes*, Coconut Butter*+, Lucuma Powder*, Agave*+, Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla Bean+^, & Himalayan Crystal Salt^.

Caramel Bar
Ingredients: Raw Cacao Paste*, Coconut Sugar*, Cashew Butter*+, Cacao Butter*+, Agave*+, Yacon Syrup*, Vanilla Bean^, & Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Rawmond Butter Bar
Ingredients: Raw Cacao Paste*+, Almond Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Cacao Butter*+, Vanilla Bean+^, & Himalayan Crystal Salt^.

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