Box of Raw Superfood Chocolates

Box of Raw Superfood Chocolates

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  • Box of Raw Superfood Chocolates
  • Box of Raw Superfood Chocolates
  • Box of Raw Superfood Chocolates
  • Box of Raw Superfood Chocolates

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Each box includes 9 pieces of Chocholistic medicinal, organic, raw, sugar-free chocolates (total of 2.7oz). They come in a few different shapes and may not be the same shapes as pictured.

Half nutritional supplement, half dessert, each vegan, fair-trade chocolate from Chocholistic is a hand-crafted tidbit of chocolate superfood. Raw cacao is known for its anti-oxidant and health-boosting properties, and all Chocholistic products are raw, vegan, and organic, with added high-benefit ingredients such as chia seeds (high in Omega-3), maca root (for immune system support), chlorella (for detoxing), and so much more!

These chocolates really are holistic in that they nourish the body, mind and spirit. The raw cacao relieves stress and lowers blood pressure, while additives like passion flower calms anxiety and promotes good sleep. Not only are Chocholistic chocolates good for you, they are jaw-droppingly delicious. Sweetened only with stevia and xylitol (from birch trees), each morsel wraps decadent, rich dark chocolate around your taste buds, making toes curl and leaving hearts happy.

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Ingredients: raw cacao powder*, raw cacao butter*, xylitol, raw lucuma*, raw chia seeds*, raw coconut oil*, raw olive oil*, raw maca*, raw wild chaga mushroom, raw reishi mushroom*, raw chlorella*, passionflower extract, vanilla extract*, sea salt

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