Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack

Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack
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  • Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack
  • Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack
  • Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack
  • Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack
  • Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack
  • Raw Chocolate Bar Variety 6-Pack


  • Organic and raw
  • Soy and gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Unique and exotic flavors
  • Low-glycemic levels

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Offer includes your choice of 6 pack:

Variety Pack 1: 6 × 35g Bars

  • 1 × Pine Pollen & Lemon
  • 1 × Moontime Rose
  • 1 × Blueberry Lotus
  • 1 × Jungle Peanut
  • 1 × Dark & Sweet
  • 1 × Goji Schizandra

Variety Pack 2: 6 × 35g Bars

  • 1 × Pine Pollen & Lemon
  • 2 × Strawberry Passion
  • 1 × Lavender Dreamtime
  • 1 × Dark M:lk
  • 1 × Cherry & Almond

Variety Pack 3: 6 × 35g Bars

  • 2 × Blossom
  • 2 × Strawberry Passion
  • 2 × Lavender Dreamtime

Indulge in the exquisite taste of these unique bars from Chocolita. With a wide variety of exotic flavors to appeal to the most distinguished palette, these all organic and wildcrafted bars are made with the highest quality ingredients and completely free of soy, gluten, and processed sugar. Celebrate the diversity of flavor with these nutritionally potent and delicious treats.

Cherry & Almond White Chocolate Bar
This gorgeous bar is topped with vibrant red cherries and crunchy almonds, sure to satisfy all of your sweet/tart cravings.

Dark & Sweet 80% Dark Bar
Crafted using Arriba Nacional cacao from Ecuador, this bar has an exquisitely bold flavor that's not too bitter or tart, but has a perfect almost-floral taste. You'll understand why this particular bean was voted one of the top three in the world.

Dark M:lk Bar
Dark and “milk” chocolate combine for a creamy smooth treat!

Blossom White Chocolate Bar
Escape from the winter blues and step into spring with this herb-crafted bar uplifting your spirits.

Blueberry Lotus Raw White Chocolate Bar
Featuring the rare blue lotus flower, this white chocolate and blueberry bar is perfect for those moments when you need to take a deep breath and destress. Used by the ancient Egyptians as an aphrodisiac and meditation aid, the renowned blue lotus flower adds distinct flavor to this naturally calming chocolate creation.

Goji Schizandra Raw White Chocolate Bar
This uniquely sweet bar combines the micro-nutrient packed goji berry with the antioxidant rich schizandra berry to create a blend of deliciousness inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both of these powerful berries together provide a multitude of health benefits and will keep your skin feeling amazing!

Jungle Peanut Raw White Chocolate Bar
Rewild yourself with this delectable chocolate treat featuring rainforest grown heirloom wild jungle peanuts. Containing over 40% oleic acid, these wild nuts help keep your heart healthy and your skin looking beautiful.

Lavender Dreamtime Dark Chocolate Bar
Gotu kola and mugwort combine with lavender in this dark chocolate bar to give you calming chocolatey bliss.

Moontime Rose Raw Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Keep yourself feeling balanced and beautiful with this indulgent treat. Using whole stone-ground cacao beans, rich dark chocolate creates the perfect medium to deliver the accent of herbs through this floral creation. Sensually blending the flavor notes of ground pink rose petals with dark chocolate and other herbs, this unique botanical flavor will have your tastebuds on cloud 9.

Pine Pollen & Lemon Raw White Chocolate Bar
Feeling slightly sluggish and run down? Refresh yourself with this zesty treat. Combining the distinct flavors of lemon and pine pollen, this potent superfood bar embodies a unique taste that is simply irresistible. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine as an adaptogen, immune system booster, and energy support - the nutrient dense pine pollen is packed with over 400 vitamins and minerals and is considered a complete protein.

Strawberry Passion Bar
Dark chocolate and strawberries combine with aphrodisiac herbs to increase your passions and open your heart.

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Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Lucuma*, Vanilla*, Chrysanthemum, St. John’s Wort, Frankinsence & Sedona (grown) Sweet Basil.

Pine Pollen & Lemon
Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla*, Surthrival Pine Pollen, Lemon essential oil, Pink Salt

Moontime Rose
Ingredients: Cacao Paste*, Cacao Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Pink Rose Petals*, Vitex Berries*, Cramp Bark*, Valerian*, Maca*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt

Blueberry Lotus
Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Blueberries*, Vanilla*, Surthrival Pine Pollen, Blue Lotus Essential oil, Sea Salt

Jungle Peanut
Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Wild Jungle Peanuts*, Vanilla*, Surthrival Pine Pollen, Sea salt

Dark & Sweet
Ingredients: Cacao Paste*, Cacao Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt

Goji Schizandra
Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Goji Berries*, Vanilla*, Surthrival Schizandra powder, Surthrival Pine Pollen, Sea Salt

Strawberry Passion
Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Strawberry*, Maca*, Damiana*, Passionflower*, Ashwaghanda*, Vanilla*, sea salt

Lavender Dreamtime
Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Lavender*, Vanilla*, Mugwort*, Gotu Kola*, sea salt

Dark M:lk
Ingredients:Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Lucuma*, Vanilla*, sea salt

Cherry & Almond
Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Cherries*, Almonds*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt

*Organic certified ingredient

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