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Grasse Roots Perfume Sampler

Grasse Roots Perfume Sampler
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  • Grasse Roots Perfume Sampler
  • Grasse Roots Perfume Sampler
  • Grasse Roots Perfume Sampler
  • Grasse Roots Perfume Sampler


  • Made in Canada
  • Certified organic essences used whenever possible
  • Made with plant-based botanicals
  • No synthetic dyes, fragrances, or preservatives
  • 7-Piece Sampler
  • Shipping included to Canada only

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Offer includes 7 x 1 ml perfume samples, one of each scent: Ingenue, Beloved, Delicacy, Tuberose Musk, Blood Orange, Geisha, and Janus

This sweet 7-piece sampler set comes in a lovely black velvet bag with a description of each perfume. Try them all and pick your favorite!

Apply to the ends of your hair, cleavage, and pulse points. Reapply as needed. Store in a cool, dark place.

Ingenue - 1 x 1 ml sample
A scent that's open and innocent; fresh, green, and sweet with a heart of Moroccan rose, ylang ylang, and lemony leaves and grass.

Beloved - 1 x 1 ml sample
A tender bouquet of rose essences from around the world is enveloped by soft, earthy grasses; sweet resins; precious woods; and hints of bright citrus and orange flowers.

Delicacy - 1 x 1 ml sample
Sandalwood is featured in this soft, mellow chypre with subtle notes of moss, ambrosial rockrose, and patchouli. It's lifted with sweet geranium petals and notes of tea and conifer in a base of natural, undenatured grain alcohol.

Tuberose Musk - 1 x 1 ml sample
Tuberose attar is the foundation for a sweet and smoky ode to this spicy, plump, and intoxicating white flower. It's rich and deep, with sensual vegetable musk and a hint of green freshness in a base of natural, undenatured grain alcohol.

Blood Orange - 1 x 1 ml sample
This scent is a refreshing, bright burst of citrus sunshine that uplifts and inspires, with light, cheerful orange blossoms and organic notes of citrus in a base of natural undenatured grain alcohol.

Geisha - 1 x 1 ml sample
Narcotic flowers of jasmine, ylang ylang, seductive neroli, and dusky rose swirl through sensual notes of earth, wood, and spice in this exotic, heady oriental scent formulated in a base of natural, undenatured grain alcohol.

Janus - 1 x 1 ml sample
Dry, sweet herbs grow from earthy patchouli, softened by serene woods and resins and the faintest hint of moss, contrasted with juicy crushed peels of bergamot.

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Ingredients for all: Simmondsia chinensis (golden jojoba oil), fragrance (natural and organic plant essences)*.


Ethyl alcohol (natural grain alcohol), fragrance (natural and organic plant essences)*.

*Our own blend of natural and organic plant essences.

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