Radiant Skin Beauty Box

Radiant Skin Beauty Box
$25.00 $78.69

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  • Radiant Skin Beauty Box
  • Radiant Skin Beauty Box
  • Radiant Skin Beauty Box
  • Radiant Skin Beauty Box
  • Radiant Skin Beauty Box

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Each Radiant Skin Beauty Box includes the following items:

Palmetto Derma - $64 value (1.75 oz)
Rejuvenating clay mask pulls out impurities while adding antioxidants and hydrating your skin

The All Natural Face - $4.60 value (.43 oz)
Mauve-tinted lip gloss with a white undertone that adds a glossy shimmer

Revive Bath & Body - $2.50 value (1 deluxe bar)
Handmade soap crafted from vegetable-based oils that’s gentle on your skin

Juice Beauty - $5.00 value (1.2 oz)
Jojoba oil, shea butter and malic acid from organic green apples combine to create an age defying body moisturizer

EDEN Bodyworks - $2.59 (2 oz)
Invigorating peppermint & tea tree shampoo that increases scalp circulation

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