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Steven the Vegan Book

Steven the Vegan Book
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  • Steven the Vegan Book
  • Steven the Vegan Book
  • Steven the Vegan Book
  • Steven the Vegan Book
  • Steven the Vegan Book


  • Great book for explaining veganism to kids
  • Bright, colorful illustrations
  • Educational in a gentle, non-judgmental fashion
  • Each copy signed by the author
  • Get it here first! Not yet available in stores
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Each buyer will receive a signed copy of the book, which is not yet available in stores.

Steven the Vegan is a children's book designed to help children explain to their friends and classmates "Why they are vegan." The story takes place during a school field trip to a local farm. At the farm, Steven's dietary lifestyle is revealed. He proceeds to explain to his classmates where their favorite foods come from, and why he has chosen to consider animals his friends, and not food. The illustrations bring the animals on the farm to life, and create a warm and cuddly feeling to the story. Through cheerful and colorful illustrations, Steven the Vegan helps young vegans learn what to tell friends regarding their lifestyle choice.

Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.8 x 0.2 inches
38 pages long
Age range: grammar/elementary school

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