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5-Piece Highlight and Contour Brush Set

5-Piece Highlight and Contour Brush Set
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  • 5-Piece Highlight and Contour Brush Set


  • Made in the USA
  • 5 unique brushes
  • Made with synthetic hair
  • Free shipping to U.S.

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Offer includes 1 × small contour brush, 1 × large fluff brush, 1 × flat top contour brush, 1 × large angled contour brush, 1 × tapered face brush

Small Contour Brush
With synthetic fibers shaped into a softly rounded dome tip, this brush is designed to apply powder products, giving exactly the right level of color.

Large Fluff Brush
Large and versatile paddle-shaped brush that’s suitable for applying any powder-based product to the face or the eye.

Flat Top Contour Brush
This multi-purpose brush is the ideal tool for creating sculpting and shaping contours with powder-based products.

Large Angled Contour Brush
Soft firmly bundled fibers shaped to form a buffed edge. Ideal for expertly applying then blending powder blush to the contours of the cheek.

Tapered Face Brush
A large tapered brush with chiseled sides shaped into a slightly pointed tip, designed to enhance sculpting and shaping.

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Materials: Synthetic hair

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