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Indulge Your Inner Diva

Indulge Your Inner Diva
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  • Indulge Your Inner Diva
  • Indulge Your Inner Diva
  • Indulge Your Inner Diva
  • Indulge Your Inner Diva


  • 1 x 3 pack of Cinnamon Donuts
  • 1 x 3 pack of Macaroons
  • 1 x 4 pack of Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Made with all-natural and organic ingredients, without any preservatives
  • 100% Kosher and pareve
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  • Limit 1 purchase per person
  • Limited availability

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There are few things in life as enjoyable as dessert. We all love it, but can sometimes end up feeling guilty after indulging in it. When we discover a rare, decadent treasure that's both delicious and made using high-quality, all-natural and organic ingredients, it almost seems too good to be true… but here it is! In this stunningly sweet offer, you'll get to try three of Vegan Divas’ most popular desserts: cinnamon donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and macaroons.

Warm the cookies in your oven to get the sweet smell pouring through the house, and then dunk them in ice cold almond or soy milk for a moment of nostalgic bliss. Have a donut with your favorite soy latte, or maybe nibble the macaroons as a midnight snack with your sweetheart. Fresh ingredients team up with exquisite flavor to make every bite of these desserts fit for royalty... and we all have a diva-licious queen inside us who enjoys being pampered with treasures like these.

Product Description

Each Vegan Divas sampler pack includes 1 x 3 pack of cinnamon donuts, 1 x 3 pack of macaroons, and 1 x 4 pack of chocolate chip cookies.

Cinnamon Donut - Pack of 3
Fluffy-soft, dusted with cinnamon that puffs a sweet burst with every morsel. These donuts are perfect paired with your favorite coffee: keep them close by for any much-needed soul replenishment. Just breathe in the cinnamon, take a bite, float away.

Ingredients: Organic Unbleached Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Kosher Salt, Organic Tofu, Canola Oil, Organic Soy Milk, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Extract, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil.

Coconut Macaroon - Pack of 3
Gluten-free puffs that pair coconut and almonds in an unforgettable embrace. Light and airy, but packed with flavor, these macaroons blow your favorite aunt’s out of the park. Have a tea party for one (maybe two), with your best china, favorite tea, and these delicate delights.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Coconut, Almonds, Arrowroot, Evaporated Cane Juice, Canola Oil, Coconut Extract, Vanilla Extract, Almond Extract, Kosher Salt, Baking Powder.

Chocolate Chip Cookie - Pack of 4
The world's most favorite sweet indulgence. Nothing says "home" like a perfect chocolate chip cookie, and these are the best of the best. Warm them up, eat them while taking a bubble bath, or crunch on them in the calm before the rest of the house wakes up. They’re all yours.

Ingredients: Spelt Flour, Chocolate Chips, Natural Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup, Canola Oil, Dehydrated Cane Juice, Baking Soda, Kosher Salt.

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