Vegans Go Nutty for Chocolate Spread

Vegans Go Nutty for Chocolate Spread
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  • Vegans Go Nutty for Chocolate Spread
  • Vegans Go Nutty for Chocolate Spread
  • Vegans Go Nutty for Chocolate Spread
  • Vegans Go Nutty for Chocolate Spread


  • 3 x 7.6 oz jars of Choc&Nut organic hazelnut-cashew-cocoa spread
  • Perfect for breakfast, desserts or right from the jar
  • Rich in iron, protein, vitamin E & potassium
  • Free of palm oil & lecithin
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If you've ever wanted to know what a jar of bliss would taste like, it's this. Velvety, semi-sweet Choc&Nut spread is a luxurious blend of cashews, hazelnuts, cocoa, vanilla and cane sugar that's just as good on toast as it is right out of the jar, and with this offer, you'll get three containers to revel in.

Choc&Nut received a VegNews Best of Show Award at this year's Natural Products ExpoWest for Best New Vegan Product, and one spoonful will make you understand why. What to do with 3 jars, you ask? You can drizzle it over vegan ice cream, use it as a filling for cake, or just "accidentally" dab some on your partner. Oopsie.

Product Description

3 x 7.6 oz jars of Choc&Nut

Choc&Nut is a rich, creamy spread made of the highest quality cacao and vanilla. Its preparation includes the same kind of conching used in the making of fine chocolate, for an unsurpassed, silken texture. Choc&Nut has twice the amount of nuts compared to most other brands, is rich in protein and iron, and has a semi-sweetness that enhances the flavours within it.

Ingredients: Cane sugar*, soy protein*, hazelnut 14.66%*, cashew 12.15%*, copra oil (from dried coconut flesh) 12.13%*, cocoa 5.61%*, vanilla extracts*, agar-agar
(*organically grown)

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