Winter Warm Up Beauty Box

Winter Warm Up Beauty Box
$19.00 $66.48

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  • Winter Warm Up Beauty Box
  • Winter Warm Up Beauty Box
  • Winter Warm Up Beauty Box
  • Winter Warm Up Beauty Box

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This is a past Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and may contain expired coupons.

Each Winter Warm Up Beauty Box includes the following items:

Enfusia - $1.50 value (2 oz)
Fizz and foam bath bomb infused with muscle-soothing epsom salts and reinvigorating essential oils

clariSEA - $5 value (1 oz)
Clear up skin and unclog pores using this all-natural powder exfoliant mask with activated bamboo charcoal

Stinkbug Naturals - $2.99 value (.25 oz)
Tangerine and clove combine with shea butter and coconut oil to bring you an odor obliterating cream deodorant

Goddess Garden Organics - $17.99 value (.5 fl oz)
Awaken your eyes with this firming eye cream utilizing black elder to reduce puffiness and a variety of vitamins to nourish skin

Briogeo Hair Care - $9 value (1.75 oz)
Leave-in conditioning spray that hydrates your hair without weighing it down

Jersey Shore Cosmetics - $30 value (.15 oz)
Gorgeous lip & cheek balm pigmented with minerals and flowers in either Red Hibiscus or Baccara Rose
It’s a surprise to see what color you will receive. We’re sorry, we cannot accommodate color requests but we know you will love either one. :)

Red Hibiscus Baccara Rose

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