recipe33 garlic dill almonds
Garlic Dill Infused Almonds
Garlic Dill Infused Almonds

Garlic Dill Infused Almonds

  • Savory
  • Natural
  • Salty

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Fast Facts:

Best for: Those seeking a bold snack without the mess.
Not for: Those who dislike garlic and dill flavors.
Fun fact: These almonds are infused, not coated, saving you the mess.
Our tip: Make an infused Almond Pesto for a fun twist on a classic.

Almonds, Sea Salt, Dill, Garlic.

  • Gluten-Free

No-Mess Snack

Recipe 33 has perfected the snacking issue of sticky fingers and crumbs when indulging in your favorite treat. Their almonds are infused with flavor, not coated, with all the flavor inside, so there’s no outside mess. Using only the best California almonds, dill and garlic sourced from the USA, these small bites pack a big punch.

Great For Cooking

Not only are these flavorful almonds perfect on their own, they are also a great protein source to add to your salad, soup, or pasta dish. Slicing, crumbling, or topping these almonds on your dish can add the perfect crunch and enhance your meal with its unique and bold flavor.

The Power Of Almonds

We all love protein-packed poppable snacks, but almonds offer so much more than that. They can help curb your hunger and make you feel full for longer. Almonds also are loaded with fiber and are rich in solid fats that directly correlate with improved cardiovascular health. Plus, they are versatile. You can eat alone, mix in with other meals, create your own trail mix, or even top on salads, smoothies and pasta dishes.

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