Top 5 Questions Vegans Get Asked at Cookouts

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Ever been the only vegan at a party? We’ve all been there! Sometimes the non-vegans are genuinely interested in learning more about the environmental and ethical reasons you’ve chosen to crack down on cruelty. Other times they’re just wanting to joke with you about how many cows they eat. Either way, you’re sure to field quite a few of these Qs while chowing down on your jackfruit BBQ.

1. Where do you get your protein?

It’s hard to keep the positive vibes flowing when asked the same question over and over and over again. This is a really great opportunity to enlighten, though! Many people seriously believe that meat is the only way to get protein—ridic, right? Our girl Kris Carr has got this one covered.

Our protein's sippable.
A Little Sippable Protein
Photo by Jill Pyle

2. Don’t plants have feelings, too?

Yea, we don’t want to spend our social time chatting plant sentience either but it comes up from time to time. The short answer: Plants lack a central nervous system so don’t feel pain as we and our fellow nonhuman animals do. It may not be the perfect response, but our other go-to works here as well—as vegans, we’re trying to minimize cruelty to the furthest extent that we’re able. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about trying.

3. What about the food chain?

Ah, the food chain. We’re pretty sure that our ancestors weren’t eating Big Macs and processed cheese product. Even if they were, we’d take a lower risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes over sticking to a rigid ol’ chain any day.

Screenshot 2014-07-03 12.28.34
A Vegan’s Two Favorite Things: Plants and Animals
Photo by Laura Miller

4. So you like animals more than you like humans?

While we think it’s totally okay if you do, take this opportunity to chat about the environmental and health reasons that drove you to go veg.

Screenshot 2014-07-03 11.54.12
Sharing the Vegan Love through Cheesy Mac and Lemonade
Photo by Jill Pyle

5. Aren’t you hungry?

Our fave response: “Why yes, I am hungry. That’s why I’ve whipped up this amazing vegan mac and cheese to share with all you fellow cookout goers.” The best way to show that being vegan doesn’t mean giving up on decadent and delicious goods? Sharing the vegan wealth! Always be sure to bring a vegan-friendly masterpiece to non-vegan get-togethers. Need a few ideas? We’ve got the perfect *free* eBook for that.

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