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Vegan Divas

Vegan Divas

Featured on Time Out NY as "The Best of 2010", with appearances on "NBC NY" and "The Today Show", Vegan Divas is causing waves across North America with some of the best vegan desserts on the planet.

Founder Fernanda Capobianco was born in Brazil, where she managed and owned The Payard Restaurant and Pastry shops in Rio de Janeiro. A vegan for 15 years, Fernanda developed unique recipes for pastries and mousses free of eggs and sugar, using all-natural organic and fresh ingredients. In 2010 Capobianco founded Vegan Divas in New York: an upscale line of baked goods and desserts that are vegan, cholesterol-free, organic, kosher and pareve, low calorie and delicious. She had a clear goal from the beginning: to create gourmet pastries with the quality, taste and presentation similar to those offered by the best gourmet bakeries, but as healthy baked goods.

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