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Compassion for all is at the heart of what we do at Vegancuts. Our Donation Program is a result of our desire to support the amazing work happening at animal sanctuaries across the U.S.

Each month, with each of our three subscription boxes (the Snack, Beauty, and Makeup Boxes), we highlight an animal sanctuary and some of their beautiful residents on the insert in the box. In addition, a portion of sales from that box go directly to support the sanctuary.

From left to right: Lila from Full Circle Farm Sanctuary | Photo Credit: Andie Thompkins
| Yang from Indraloka Animal Sanctuary | Photo Credit: Kelsie Kelly| Theodore from Lasa Sanctuary | Photo Credit: Joy Smetzer

Current Featured Sanctuaries

Armani from Big Cat Rescue

Tampa, FL

Female Leopard
Born 6/17/1997
Came to Big Cat Rescue 6/27/1997

Armani and her sister Jade were always fun to watch! Both were very playful and had goofy personalities. Armani has been known to greet tours and chat with those who passed her by. She absolutely loves paper enrichment, blood cicles, and is known to follow them up with a fun case of the “zoomies” around her enclosure! One thing that she does not like, however, is rabbit flavored cicles.

Armani makes sure that Manny the Jaguar and Sundari Leopard are not admired any longer than need be by keepers and volunteers! After all, she is stunning and always ready for her “photo ops.” She can easily be identified in photos by her beauty mark, otherwise known as her cute little dark nose.

To learn more about Big Cat Rescue and how you can help visit their site.

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Martha from Spring Farm Sanctuary

Long Lake, MN

Frankie, Raisin, and Martha are Toggenburg goats, which is one of the first dairy breeds from Switzerland. This family came to us from northern Minnesota when their owner fell sick and was unable to care for them. They would have all been killed for their meat had a man from Sioux Falls not intervened. When they arrived they were full of thorns, missing patches of hair, had hooves that were overgrown and potato chips were their food of choice. Now after some vet care, nutritious food, and love they are healthy and happy at Spring Farm Sanctuary!

Learn more about Spring Farm Sanctuary and how you can help here.


Bun Bun from Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary

Riverton, UT

Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary was founded by Faith and Mike Ching in 1998. They advocate for farm animals through rescue, education, and adoption or placement services in the Salt Lake valley. Ching Farm believes the work they do can help change the perception of these animals, and create a deeper respect for their rich emotional lives. With each and every contribution they receive, they’re able to continue that mission. Donations provide the animals at Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary with the food, housing, and medical care they need to live happy and healthy lives.

To learn more about them and see how you can help visit their site.


Past featured Sanctuaries

Our subscribers make it possible for us to support so many animals and sanctuaries. We couldn’t do it without you! 

Nominate a Sanctuary

We love connecting with our community to find ways to make a positive impact. To nominate a sanctuary that you would like to be a part of our donation program, email us at