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Compassion for all is at the heart of what we do at Vegancuts. Our Donation Program is a result of our desire to support the amazing work happening at animal sanctuaries across the U.S.

Each month, with each of our three subscription boxes (the Snack, Beauty, and Makeup Boxes), we highlight an animal sanctuary and some of their beautiful residents on the insert in the box. In addition, a portion of sales from that box go directly to support the sanctuary.

Left: Anjo from Full Circle Farm Sanctuary Photo Credit: Andie Thompkins

Current Featured Sanctuaries

Sophie the Chocolate Lab from New England Lab Rescue

Rescue in the States of NY, CT, MA, NH, RI, VT, ME, NJ, TX, SC, NC

Sophie Sophie came to NELR as one of a litter of 3 week old puppies dumped outside a shelter in a cardboard box. All suffered from a severe case of mange, parvo, kennel cough and every worm possible. Three out of four puppies survived thanks to the amazing healing powers of their foster mom.  Sophie now shares her forever home with another lab rescue in NH.

New England is a region of the country with a high demand for Labrador Retrievers. As a result, very few are actually found in the local shelters.  NELR’s Rescue Team realized that with funding and a lot of hard work, they could rescue this amazing breed from shelters in Southern States and bring them to New England for adoption.

To learn more about New England Lab Rescue and how you can help visit their site.


Grover & Cromwell the Magnificent from Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

Colfax, CA

Grover While Grover was inside his mother’s tummy, she was loaded onto a truck and driven down a busy freeway toward a slaughterhouse. Knowing the time was drawing near to have her babies, she heroically broke free from her crate and jumped off the speeding truck and onto the shoulder of the road. The brave mother, later named Rita, gave birth to fourteen tiny piglets at the animal control facility. Nine of the fourteen survived and all were taken in by Animal Place in Grass Valley so they could remain safely in sanctuary with their mother, something most piglets never experience. Once weaned from their mother, Grover and his two brothers came to live permanently in safety at Blackberry Creek. Grover acts like the big brother of the group and is the most independent of the three piglets, often taking charge and leading the others to the best rooting sports around the pasture.

Cromwell the Magnificent Named after animal-rights activist and star of the motion picture “Babe”, James Cromwell, Cromwell the pig lives up to the kindness of his namesake! Brother of Grover and Sir Andrew K Smudgecake, Crommy was one of the lucky piglets who survived in his mother’s tummy as she made a heroic leap off of the back of a truck headed to slaughter. Cromwell is the most loving and affectionate of the pigs, flopping over for a tummy rub almost immediately when anyone enters the gate. He is learning how to sit for his bedtime treats and will be an ambassador for pigs everywhere as he shares his lovable personality with visitors.

To learn more about Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary and how you can help visit their site.


Bootsanna from Bat World Sanctuary

Weatherford, TX

Bianca, Bootsanna’s mother, was brought to Bat World Sanctuary in March 2007. She had suffered from inhumane circumstances. Luckily, her slim frame grew larger with the plentiful food she received at the sanctuary. But the roundness that developed over the next few months was unmistakable. Bianca was with pup! When Boostanna was born, instead of clinging to Bianca’s stomach, she was dangling from her back. Bianca resisted any help when the human caretakers gently tried to scoot the baby around to her front, making a hasty retreat and almost knocking her pup loose as she dragged it along the plastic screening of the cage. The pup desperately hung on for dear life but the mother made no attempt to help it. The team kept a watchful eye on the pair for the next hour, noting sadly that the mother was not attempting to nurse or even nurture her pup. Two hours passed, and on the last inspection at midnight the precious baby girl was lying cold on the floor of the flight cage. The pup’s tiny form was quickly gathered and warmed in the hospital area, where it was discovered that her toes were severely damaged, most likely from being dragged along the screen mesh of the cage. She would never have a good quality of life if her toes were not saved. The sanctuary team had to quickly devise a means to protect them. They used finger cots to cover her injured feet, filling them with antibiotic ointment before slipping them over her tiny feet.

Days passed. The tiny girl clung to life, despite her cold introduction. She looked forward to her meals, greedily sucking down her formula from a small puppy nurser. Weeks passed and her toes slowly healed. Eventually, her little protective boots were no longer needed.  It was time to give this special girl a name. As luck would have it, an internet search of African names brought Busana, Girl of the Night Moon. Because of her special circumstances, a slight variation was in order—Bootsanna.

For the first 10 weeks of her life, Bootsanna carried a soft puppy nurser (her pacifier) in her mouth all the time and yelled whenever she dropped it. She continued to yell until someone placed it back into her mouth. At around 10 weeks old, she decided banana was better than a nurser, so solid food (which she also yelled for) was slowly introduced.  Every day Bootsanna was also given flapping exercises. She spent lots of time playing on her two baskets; one was used for feeding and playtime and another one was used for sleeping. Bootsanna loved to bat at her numerous toys and silk flowers, spending an hour or more entertaining herself before sleep would finally overtake her. Eventually, the team was able to hang her basket inside the fruit bats flight cage so she could slowly get used to the other fruit bats.

Bootsanna is now living full time with the fruit bats in their large flight enclosure and enjoying her rightful place in just being a bat.🦇

Learn more about Bat World Sanctuary and how you can help here.


Sofi and friends at The Wildcat Sanctuary

Sandstone, MN

Combining natural and spacious habitats with a life free of exhibition, The Wildcat Sanctuary allows all residents to live wild at heart. Each cat has the opportunity, often for the first time in their lives, to choose a path to walk and a place to lie down. As a true sanctuary, The Wildcat Sanctuary does not breed, buy, sell or exhibit animals. Committed to public education about the captive wildlife crisis, The Wildcat Sanctuary seeks to create a world where animal sanctuaries are no longer needed. The sanctuary is not open to the public in order to assure true peace and tranquility for the cats. Established in 1999, The Wildcat Sanctuary is accredited by the American Sanctuary Association and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. They are also licensed by the USDA and recognized by Tigers in America as a leading sanctuary, and a member of the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance. The Wildcat Sanctuary is also rated as a 4-star charity by Charity Navigato. To learn more about them and see how you can help visit their site.


Past featured Sanctuaries

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