Black Lives Matter: Useful Resources to Educate and Support

Written by: Ashish Gupta


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We are listening, understanding, and taking meaningful action to help a movement gain momentum. In that spirit, we wanted to share some resources that have been helpful in our own learning journeys, along with a list of Black-owned vegan grocery stores and vegan & cruelty-free beauty brands.

Guiding Our Own Learning


It’s important that we gather resources to guide our understanding and inform how we show up for the Black community. For many, it starts with reading, but not everyone learns in the same way.

The books in the following image (wonderful graphic by @Jane_mount) are a great starting point. If you’re not much of a reader, many are available on Audible.

Books by Jane Mount on anti-racism
Thank you @Jane_mount for this image

More Resources to Further Our Knowledge and Understanding:⠀

Here is a short list of other places to start if you are on your own learning journey as well. ⠀

  1. Engage in real discussions with those in the Black community to understand their experiences.⠀
  2. Here are some insightful videos on the origins and evolution of the Black Lives Movement:
  3. Get connected with advocacy groups. A few that we’ve personally found insightful:
    1. Black Women Radicals is a fantastic organization that works to advocate for Black women’s political activism. They regularly host informative online events, which can be seen here:⠀
    2. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) regularly holds virtual town halls featuring leaders in the community:
    3. For Freedoms uses art as a path to discuss civic issues. This has included recent online discussions with daughters of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement on their Facebook page.
  4. ⠀Watch:
    1. 13thA documentary that explores the history of racial inequality in the US, focusing on the prison system
    2. The Invisible VeganExplores veganism in the Black community
    3. BecomingA look into the experiences and achievements of former First Lady Michelle Obama
    4. I am not Your NegroA visual essay that explores racism, inspired by poet and activist James Baldwin
    5. Teach Us AllA documentary that highlights educational inequality and modern day school segregation
    6. Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise A personal journey through the past 50 years of Black history in the US
    7. Whose StreetsDocumenting the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the Ferguson uprising
    8. Say Her NameAn investigation into the death of activist Sandra Bland, who died while in police custody
    9. American SonFilm featuring Kerry Washington that highlights modern issues with police violence and the Black community
    10. When They See UsMiniseries from Ava DuVernay about the 5 Black men falsely accused of a Central Park murder in 1989

Supporting Local Black-Owned Businesses

One way to back a movement is through our daily choices. Supporting local Black-owned businesses helps to uplift the Black community through empowerment, employment, economic opportunity, and more.

Here is a list of Black-owned vegan grocery stores, but this is a good time to take a look in our neighborhoods to find and support any Black-owned business. Thanks to @vmarkstheshop for compiling this list and @vegnews for adding to it.

San Francisco, CA – Green Taste Vegan Goods @greentasteorg
Los Angeles, CA – Larayia’s Bodega @larayiasbodega
– SÜPRMARKT @supr.mrkt
Houston, TX⠀ – VegSide Mkt @vegsidemkt
– Sunshine’s Health Food Store & Deli @sunshineshealthfood (vegan friendly)
Fort Lauderdale, FL⠀ – Vegan Fine Foods @veganfinefoods
Bronx, NY – Vegan’s Delight @vegansdelight
– No Carne Bodega @nocarnebodega⠀⠀
Philadelphia, PA – V Marks the Shop @vmarkstheshop
Atlanta, GA – Wadada Health Market & Juice Bar @wadada_atl

Black-Owned Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

Did you know these beauty brands are run by amazing entrepreneurial women, and are all vegan and cruelty-free?⠀

Thanks to @veganmakeupshare for putting together this list and our community for adding to it.


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