30 Best Vegan Beauty Brands & Products in 2022

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As award-winning beauty box curators, we work with vegan and cruelty free beauty brands all around the world – often before they’re mainstream.  So we know the difficulties finding the best vegan beauty brands for your needs.

A shift in conscious consumer habits has led to a demand in vegan and cruelty-free products as more people strive to be more natural and ethical. So with more demand for ethical beauty companies, we decided to create a list of our favorite beauty brands who are 100% vegan and who never test on animals.

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Why Choose Vegan & Cruelty-Free Brands?

Consumers are choosing vegan and cruelty-free brands because of the amount of awareness of harmful ingredients and mistreatment of animals due to testing practices.

Unfortunately, the beauty industry is full of toxic products that can be harmful to users. Additionally, these harmful products are also tested on animals against their will.

This consciousness has led the demand for new vegan businesses to open up and spread their cleaner, healthier, and ethical alternatives to traditional beauty products.

When you choose vegan and cruelty-free brands you’re ensuring the ingredients you put on your skin and body are natural, non-toxic, and also come with a clean conscience.

How To Find Vegan Beauty Products

Transitioning to vegan and cruelty-free beauty products isn’t always easy.

With so many hidden non-vegan ingredients, confusing labels and vegan not necessarily meaning cruelty-free, it’s understandably difficult.

Here are our tips to finding the best vegan beauty products:

  • – Do you research: Learn what brands are both vegan and cruelty-free. You can do this through in-depth resources like this Ultimate A-Z Cruelty-Free Brand Guide.
  • – Learn what ingredients are non-vegan: We’ve compiled a list of non-vegan ingredients in this article.
  • – Subscribe to a vegan beauty box: The Vegancuts Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box that is carefully curated each month to include essential and unique vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. This is the very best way to find natural and ethical beauty products you haven’t ever heard of.

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Vegan Skincare & Makeup Brands

1. Derma-E

Derma-E is a vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic skincare brand with a proven track record and is one of the best around. Their products tend to focus on everything from acne-prone skin to anti-aging creams.

In the last 6 months, Derma-E has featured in two Vegancuts Beauty Boxes, making them one of our favorite vegan skincare brands.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Hydrating Night Cream

2. Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica is one of the most versatile vegan beauty brands out there. You can find all your skincare, nail care, body care, makeup and through the popular brand.

Pacifica is also one of the most accessible beauty companies with their products often found in major supermarkets.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Glowing Glycolic Acid, Orange & Vanilla Makeup Removing Wipes

3. SeSpring

SeSpring’s mission is to make your skin feel like Springtime. In fact, “Se” means “new” in Korean.

All of SeSpring’s products are clean, vegan, cruelty-free and come in eco-friendly packaging.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Cleanse It Out Gel

4. Ellovi

Ellovi is a brand one everyone’s lips… literally.

The company focuses solely on vegan lip butters and pride themselves on their minimalist 6-ingredient recipe.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Ellovi Original Lip Butter

5. Chiky Botanica

Chiky Botanica pride themselves on their natural approach to skincare. The brand was developed by a Herbalist Stephanie Diamond, who says the brand is wild, with a luxury edge.

At the time of writing, all of Chiky Botanica’s range was vegan. However, as they are not a specifically vegan brand, it is always worth double checking the ingredients.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Serene Serum

6. Nuria Beauty

Nuria Beauty is a women-owned vegan skincare company that aims to tackle all skincare concerns, including aging, outbreaks, dryness, and sensitive skin.

The company is also known for its work to empower women all around the world.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Defend Matte Finish Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum


CBDFX is not quite a vegan beauty brand, but instead a CBD brand that offers some great beauty options.

Harnessing the rich benefits of CBD, the company has created a range of products from face and foot masks, creams, lotions and bath bombs.

Vegancuts Top Pick:  Cucumber or Charcoal CBD Facemask

8. Gypsy Soul Organics

Gypsy Soul Organics are all about clean beauty. Their range focuses mostly on facial toners, serums, and balms. However, they do provide a variety of products worth checking out.

Gypsy Soul is a great option for those seeking a simple and natural solution to skincare.

Vegancuts Top Pick:  Lavender Face Toner

9. Plant Based Beauty

Plant Based Beauty is exactly what it says it is – beauty products made from plants.

The natural skincare brand focuses on natural, yet unique ingredients. Some of their products include, cacao dry shampoo, clay face mask, and matcha and banana face mask.

Vegancuts Top Pick:  Avocado & Algae Mask

10. Elements Of Aliel

Elements of Aliel take a minimalist approach to skincare with an emphasis on targeting anti-aging through simple, organic products.

The brands less is more approach means you know you’re only putting the essential ingredients on your skin, nothing more.

Vegancuts Top Pick:  Fresh Face Balm

11. ESW Beauty

ESW Beauty is a female-led business that specializes in fruit and veggie juice facemasks.

You can get moisturizing facemasks like strawberries and cream and kale, spinach, broccoli and apple – and more.

Vegancuts Top Pick:  Strawberries & Cream Juice Mask

12. Nourish Mantra

Nourish Mantra embraces an Ayurvedic approach to beauty.

The female-founded brand takes a holistic path to skincare, ensuring there is an emphasis on inward, as well as outward beauty.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Ratrani Moroccan Lava Clay Cleanser

13. Annmarie Gianni

Annemarie Gianni offer up cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare products.

Note, while most of the company’s products are vegan, the brand is not 100% vegan. This is because their Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Coconut Honey Mask contain beeswax and honey.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Facial Cleanser + Face Oil

Vegan Perfume Brands

14. Lavanila

Lavanila is a popular vegan fragrance brand that specializes in vanilla-based scents.

Customers can find flavors such as Vanilla Blackberry, Vanilla Grapefruit and Vanilla Lavender. The oils used are infused with Goji berry and Kakadu plum to increase essential vitamins and minerals.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Vanilla Grapefruit

15. Phlur

Phlur is another great vegan and cruelty-free fragrance option.

The artisan brand produces high-quality vegan scents including Hanami, Ameline and Sandara.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Hanami

16. Florame

Florame is a French-based fragrance company. The brand is certified vegan and produces vegan eau de toilette perfumes including sweet vanilla, amber, citrus, and florals.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Sweet Vanilla

17. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is as unique as its name suggests. The brand is inspired by mythology and almost all their products are vegan, except a few honey-based scents (so keep an eye out). 

Not only do they never test on animals, but also refuse to purchase ingredients from companies who do test on animals.

Vegancuts Top Pick: 221B Baker Street

18. Carolina Herrea

Carolina Herrea does not explicitly state they are vegan or cruelty-free.

However, Vegancuts reached to them and received a response stating they never test on animals. Their products are mostly vegan too – just ensure to check the ingredients first.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Good Girl

Vegan Hair & Nail Care Brands

19. Balanced Guru

Balanced Guru offer up a wide variety of vegan and cruelty-free products. Their vegan haircare range features hair oils and scalp treatments. On top of hair, body, and facial care, the brand also sell Aromatherapy products. 

Vegancuts Top Pick: Room & Body Smudge Spray 

20. Dr. Remedies

Dr. Remedies are the vegan solution to nail care. The brand provides ultra-luxury nail treatments and colors that are natural – and Doctor approved.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Bio-Sourced Basic Base Coat Enriched Nail Polish

21. Earthly Body

Earthly Body is a family-owned company that’s sustainably-minded and ethically conscious. 

The company makes use of CBD and Hemp ingredients to create hair and skincare products.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Marrakesh Kahm Smoothing Treatment


ACURE is a 100% vegan brand that sells skin, body and hair care products and treatments. 

All their products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, formaldehyde-free and cruelty-free.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil

23. Tropicgyal Naturals

Tropicgyal Naturals is a female-led business with a range of vegan hair, body and skin products. 

All Tropicgyal products are handmade and contain organic ingredients, zero synthetic fragrances, and are preservative-free. They also ethically source ingredients from cold-pressed carrier oils, essential oils, and botanical herbs.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Scalp Treatment

Vegan Hygiene Brands

24. PiperWai

PiperWai is leading the way when it comes to sustainable hygiene products. 

Costumers can find vegan deodorants, body washes and personal care essentials that use clean, vegan ingredients that are earth-friendly – including the packaging.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Underarm Oil

25. Owl In A Towel

Owl in a Towel is the vegan answer to personal hygiene. 

The eco-friendly company provides hand creams, deodorants, and sanitizers – and I think we can all agree there’s never been more need for them.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Bergamot Hand Cream 

26. Nutricare (PATCH)

Nutricare is a vegan and sustainable way to care for yourself. With a range of bamboo bandages, PATCH fixes your wounds and the negative impacts of bandages on the Earth.

Vegancuts Top Pick: PATCH Activated Charcoal 

27. Lotus Eco

Lotus Eco has created a sustainable solution to tampons. The Australian-owned brand provides 100% biodegradable tampons that are gone in 180 days.

The tampons are travel-ready and made easy to switch to sustainable periods.

Vegancuts Top Pick: PATCH Activated Charcoal 

28. Organic Bath Co.

Organic Bath Co makes keeping clean, ethical.

The brand offers a variety of bathing options including body butters, soaps and scrubs.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Naked Organic Unscented Body Butter

29. Terra & Co

Terra & Co is a sustainably-minded oral care company on a mission to clean your teeth – and the environment.

The brand offers a select range of oral care options including charcoal toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, and dental floss.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Brilliant Black Organic Charcoal Toothpaste

30. Dirt Don't Hurt

Dirt Don’t Hurt is a black-owned, women-owned, and family-owned business that says sometimes you’ve gotta get dirty. to get clean.

Using ingredients like charcoal and clay, their products definitely live up to their name. You can find a wide range of oral and skincare products – of course, all vegan.

Vegancuts Top Pick: Tooth & Gum Oil

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