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I was lucky enough to take a weekend trip recently to Victoria BC, which is not only home of vegan curio Sarah’s Place, but also home of vegan owned tattoo shop, Tattoo Zoo. This trip was planned around a guest spot at Tattoo Zoo by an amazing vegan tattoo artist, Eckel, who I’ve been wanting a tattoo from for years. Now, you may be wondering why I keep using the word “vegan” in association with tattoos.


Unfortunately, not all inks and balms used in tattooing are without animal products. In fact, some black inks have bone in them, so do your homework. After 4 1/2 hours under the needle, I am thrilled to have a tribute to my Nana and a 100% cruelty free tattoo!


I am not known for healing tattoos quickly. Part can’t-be-bothered, part oh-it-will-be-fine, I have had my fair share of tattoos take well over a month to heal. Enter Brooklyn Grooming Tattoo Balm! After 2 days of letting my tattoo “dry heal” (I washed it often, but applied no products to it), I started applying a thin coat of Brooklyn Grooming Tattoo Balm after washing my tattoo. This balm went on smooth and in a thin layer, which is ideal, so a tattoo can breathe properly.


Primarily made from unrefined hempseed oil and sesame oil, with shea butter and vitamin e for good measure, I found my tattoo was on the road to healing faster than ever! In less than a week, I was at the peeling phase, a great sign that things are moving along as they should be. I also noticed that when I applied the balm to tattoos I’ve had for ages, they instantly looked refreshed and bright again; BONUS!


As a heavily tattooed lady, I have tried a lot of products in the healing process. Most of the time, they didn’t meet my expectations, which led to not doing much of anything after a tattoo. I can honestly say, that has changed, and Brooklyn Grooming Tattoo Balm is the best I have tried.


One thing to note with this product is, it’s important that you only apply this to a clean tattoo right after washing your hands, otherwise you’ll be putting bacteria in the balm, which doesn’t help in the healing process. This is common sense, healing a tattoo should be a very clean process, but hey, I’d rather remind you, so you can have a happy, healthy tattoo, versus an unhappy, infected one.


Currently, I am the one with a happy, healthy, 100% cruelty free tattoo, thanks to an amazing artist, and Brooklyn Grooming!

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