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Discover some of the best skincare, bodycare and cosmetic items every month – all of which are measured to the high Vegancuts standards of being clean and consciously made. 

Top Vegan Beauty Brands

Each month you’ll receive a delivery of 4 or more new deluxe or full-size products, from unique cosmetics to luxurious skin care, that treat your outside as good as you treat your inside. 

Our expert Beauty Box curator vets each beauty brand to ensure that only cruelty-free and conscious brands are featured in every box. And, beauty products are always cruelty-free, paraben-free and free of harmful chemicals. 

Our Promise

100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
4+ Deluxe and Full-Size Items Each Month
$50+ Value in Every Box
Free U.S. Shipping
Easy To Manage Subscription Renewals
Non Toxic Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Tips For Rocking the Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Skincare Your Guide to Getting Started

Vegan Skincare: Getting Started

A beginner’s guide that takes a reader through the differences between what the terms “vegan” and “cruelty-free” really mean, understanding the common labels that are found in many beauty products on shelves today, as well as the impact one can have from making  a conscious choice into what products they purchase.


8 TOXIC ingredients to watch out for

Look for Non-Toxic in Addition to Vegan and Cruelty Free

Whether shopping for hair, lip or body products, being armed with knowledge on ingredients that can be harmful for our bodies is essential. This guide lists some of the key ingredients to be watchful of in any beauty or cosmetics product we purchase.


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