An Ethical Guide To Visiting US National Parks

A more conscious approach the travel and trekking are changing the way many of us visit National Parks with ethics are the forefront.

From the jagged mountain peaks of Yosemite to the desert's natural Arches in Utah, National Parks hold a vision of America that goes beyond the corporate concrete cities and brings to life an America we all grew up knowing, if only from a distance.

Visting these iconic national treasures comes with a responsibility to keep ethics in mind.

Native American Chief Seattle said it best: "Take only photos, leave only footprints."

How To Ethically Visit National Parks

Exploring the beauty of America's National Parks is a

1. Leave No Trace

2. Avoid Crowds

3. Visit Lesser-Known Gems

4. Know Your Ability

The thrill of being surrounded by hundreds of hikes and viewpoints can lead many of us to push our limits.

Accidents happen. However, many trekking incidents could have been avoided if more people were more mindful of their physical capabilities.

It takes a lot of resources for first responders to perform rescue operations. This time and resources are taken away from other areas that need them, especially in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

Staying safe in National Parks is also an ethical choice.

5. Respect Wildlife

There are many views when it comes to the impact of wildlife in National Parks (1).

After all, isn't the best thing for wildlife to be left alone, away from the presence of humans, especially on mass scales.

Native wildlife within

6. Spread The Word

National Parks For Vegans

Preparation is key when visiting National Parks as a vegan.

National Park Packing List

sunscreen, maps, high energy snacks, hiking boots,

1. Sunscreen

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