A Vegan Easter Guide: The Best Vegan Easter Chocolate & Candy in 2023

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Easter is just around the corner and we're on the hunt for the best vegan candy 2022 has to offer.

That means we've scoured every inch of the globe to bring you vegan chocolate and candy that's perfect for Easter Sunday. Whether you choose our all-in-one Limited Edition Easter Chocolate Box or you want to curate you're very own Easter candy, this list has you covered.

So, sit back, scroll, and drool your way through our list of the best vegan candy for Easter 2023.

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Is Candy Vegan?

Unfortunately, most candy is not vegan. When people think of non-vegan foods meat, dairy, and eggs spring to mind - but not often chocolate and candy. In fact, a lot of candy doesn't contain any obvious animal products - so why is candy not vegan?

That's because candy often contains ingredients derived from animal bones, fat - and yes, even insects.

Non-Vegan Ingredients In Candy

  • - Gelatin: made from bones and ligaments from cows and pigs
  • - Carmine: made from a crushed insect
  • - Lard: made from animal fat
  • - Confectioner’s Glaze (aka Shellac): made from insect resin
  • - Bone Char: often used for filtering sugar, made from bones of cattle 1>

Luckily for vegans, huge innovations by vegan candy companies have led to brands finding simple, more natural ways to achieve the flavors and textures everyone loves, minus the need for animal products.

And I think we can all agree that makes holidays like Easter all the more fun for everyone. So, let's hop right into the tastiest list of vegan candy you'll find this Easter.

Vegan Easter Chocolate Candy

1.Premium Chocolate Box

Indulge in this quintessential Premium Chocolate Box where decadence truly meets taste. This explosion of plant-based chocolate will ooze, crunch, and melt its way into your heart. You’ll fall in love with this celebration of better-for-you chocolate that you may not have heard of yet, but you will never forget.


2. Chomp Original Vegan Milk Chocolate

Chomp chocolate has all the creaminess of milk chocolate, but without the dairy. This makes Chomp the ideal Easter candy for those looking fora dariy-free Easter.


3. Sourse B12 Infused Bites

Most vegans supplement their B12, but with Sourse's B12 Bites you can snack and ensure you're staying on top of your vitamins.

Pro tip: these mini bites are perfect for an Easter scavenger hunt.


4. Chocolita Herb-Infused Vegan Chocolate

Chocolita creates exotic chocolate that might well be the most desirable vegan candy on the Market right now. With exotic flavors like Strawberry Passion, Pine Pollen & Lemon Raw White Chocolate, who wouldn't want to indulge with them this Easter?


5. Endangered Species Oat Milk Dark Chocolate

Make this Easter an opportunity to give back to wildlife with your candy order. And the perfect candidate is Endangered Species Chocolate who gives back to wildlife conservation with every purchase. Easter candy has never felt so rewarding.


6. Vegancuts Discovery Snack Box

If you want to celebrate Easter with a variety of sweets, chocolates and candy, the Vegancuts Discovery Snack Box is perfect. The Discovery Box is a monthly subscription where subscribers receive 11+ premium grade vegan snacks right to their door. It's the perfect Easter gift that'll come around month after month.

If you're looking for a one-off Discovery Box, the Oversized Fan Favorites Snack Box contains 17+ of the top voted snacks from previous Discovery Boxes. This is the perfect dive into vegan snack discoveries.


7. No Whey Dairy-Free Chocolate Bunny

No Whey is a brand dedicated to vegan and gluten-free candy both children and adults can enjoy. Their "Jake, The Milkless Easter Bunny" is truly a quinessential Easter gift and, of course, 100% vegan.


8. Cocoba Vegan Chocolate Bunny Bars

Cocoba vegan bunny bars are a throw back to childhood Easter hunts and full baskets of Easter candy. These colorful bunnies are ideal for kids or anyone with a sweet-tooth.


9. Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These dark chocolate peanut butter cups have the perfect firm bite of chocolate with a creamy, natural peanut butter center - the result? A truly 'unreal' taste!


10. Lekkco Beligian Dark Chocolate Spread

If you're thinking outside of the box this Easter, Lekkco's vegan chocolate spread could be a real winner. This delicious spread is ideal for adding sweetness to your day whether it's to your breakfast, dessert or Easter baking!


11. Cocomels Chocolate Caramel Bites

Cocomels are one of those candies that often allow you to watch someone’s face light up when they taste them for the first time. The balanced flavor of the stretchy, chewy coconut-based vegan caramel makes for a luxurious tasting candy that no one would even guess was vegan.


12. Creekhouse Chocolate Truffles

Creekhouse Chocolates’ vegan truffles are a decadent collection of melt-in-your-mouth vegan chocolates, filled with natural and exotic flavors.


13. Lulu's Double Love Chocolate Bars

Lulu's exotic and raw dark chocolate are perfect of those seeking a premium and decadent Easter... with a hint of induldgence.


14. Bixby & Co. Vegan Gourmet Chocolate Bars

These vegan chocolates are crafted with a variety of nuts, fruits, spices, and crisps, and are the perfect treat for someone who likes a hint of crunch in their candy.


Non-Chocolate Vegan Easter Candy

Easter tends to revolve around chocolate, but there's plenty of non-chocolate vegan treats to keep everyone else happy too.

Remember the perfectly crunchy and chewy Easter candy from childhood that you would trade like baseball cards with your friends? These same beloved flavors and textures have gotten a plant-based upgrade in recent years that appeals to shoppers of any lifestyle.

From vegan jelly beans to the sticky caramel of your dreams, these vegan candy brands are tapping into vegan Easter candy seekers’ nostalgia with a revamped twist.

15. RIND Real Peel Fruit Chips

Add a healthy crunch this Easter with RIND's real fruit chips. You can get these in kiwi, apple and orange flavors right from the Vegancuts Market!


15. Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Chips

Planning on hosting this Easter? Hippeas chickpea chips are the perfect solution to please everyone - just add salsa and guacamole.


16. Whoa Dough Bars

Soft candy is what whoa Dough bars are all about. These doughy treats and like no other around and will add a softness to Easter you didn't know you were missing.


17. Pink Panda Adult Candy

Candy made for adults? Sign me up. Pink Panda found a way to make a healthy alternative to candy ensuring adults can get their sweet-tooth fix this Easter - no guilt necessary.


18. Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs

Spudsy puffs are a real crowd pleaser. These vegan cheesy bites will have you questioning: are these really vegan?


19. Good To Go Keto Bars

While Easter tends to be more about chocolate, these blondie bites will add a nice escape from chocolate from those who prefer cookies.


20. Karma Nuts Wrapped Cashews

Karma Nuts found a delicious solution to making cashews crunchy - leave their skin on and air roast them! You've never had nuts like this before.


Organic Vegan Easter Candy

If you're looking for organic vegan candy this Easter, we've got you covered.

The best way to identify certified Organic candy and snacks is with the USDA Certified Organic seal, printed on the packaging of products. The USDA categorizes Certified Organic foods into four categories (3): 100% Organic, Organic, Made With Organic * * *, and specific individual Organic ingredients.

Here are the products from our list that fit within these four Organic categories (including specification of category for each product).

  • Bixby and Co. Vegan Gourmet Chocolate Bars | Mostly Organic
  • Creekhouse Chocolates | Organic
  • Lulu’s Love Chocolate Bars | Organic
  • Yum Earth Candies | Organic
  • Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies | Organic
  • Hippeas | Organic

Gluten-Free Vegan Easter Candy

Having a gluten-free Easter is important whether you're celiac, gluten-sensitive or health-conscious. The good news is most of the vegan brands and products we work with are also gluten-free.

Check out our Complete List Of Vegan & Gluten-Free Snacks.

In addition to the article above, here are some vegan and gluten-free Easter Chocolate options:

  • Bixby & Co. Vegan Gourmet Chocolate Bars
  • Lulu’s Love Chocolate Bars
  • No Whey Chocolate No Nos
  • Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • Surf Sweets Candies
  • Yum Earth Candies
  • Gin Gins
  • Cocomels
  • Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies
  • Brownie Cookies from U-LUV
  • Hippeas
  • Popchips

Vegan Easter Candy Available In Grocery Stores

If you're seeking vegan Easter snacks a little closer to home, you won't need to search too far. Local grocery stores hold a wide array of vegan (and accidentally) vegan snacks to satisfy a lot of vegans this Easter.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Sour Patch Kids

2. Skittles

3. Jolly Ranchers and Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans

4. Dum Dums

Want to discover more vegan snacks?


Vegancuts curates monthly premium-quality Discovery Snack Boxes so you can explore the best of vegan food every month from your home.


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