Vegan Black-Owned Businesses To Support In 2022

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Vegan Black-Owned Businesses To Support In 2022

When we look back in history at key social movements, change tends to start at the bottom, from the people, before reaching the top. As consumers, we are armed with the most powerful tool to effect social change – money.

There is simply no denying the power of money when it comes to enacting social movements. Money speaks where language cannot; money empowers each individual who yields it regardless of race, gender, beliefs, or class. Each dollar spent reverberates throughout the world.

The question is, what is your money saying?

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Why Support Black-Owned Businesses?

There are many reasons why supporting Black-owned businesses is important, especially in 2022.

The need for supporting black-owned brands has never been more critical since the Black Lives Matter (1) movement thrusts the social injustice of the black community into the spotlight. By supporting black-owned companies, you’re supporting BLM with your money.

Black-owned businesses are significantly unrepresented in the United States. 

The State of Working America (2) revealed the Black community spend more per year than other races but represent the race most living in poverty. 

More Black-owned businesses mean balancing out these statistics and bringing more Black people out of poverty. 

Supporting Black-owned brands means you’re building community support for generations to come. 

It’s a shocking statistic, but an average white family has a net worth of almost ten times greater than a Black family (3). This racial wealth gap reveals the inequality in the current system and the need for more Black-owned businesses. And for them to thrive, they need consumer support.

Which Black-Owned Brands To Support?

As a vegan company, we’ve compiled a list of vegan Black-owned businesses you can support.

These companies are mostly food, beauty, and clothing brands that produce products free from animal cruelty, testing and ingredients.

After all, what’s better than supporting social change and animal rights at the same time?

1. PiperWai


PiperWai (pronounced Pie-Per-Why) is a vegan hygiene brand on a mission to produce the best Earth-friendly deodorants on the market.

The female-led, black-owned business was founded by Sarah Ribner who struggled for years to find personal care items that were environmentally friendly.

PiperWai’s motto is “Saving the Earth has never smelled so good” and we have to agree.

2. Dirt Don't Hurt

Dirt Don’t Hurt is women-owned, black-owned, sister-owned – and vegan!

Sisters Kaya, Sativa, and Maritza founded Dirt Don’t Hurt in 2017. With six kids between them, the trio started to reevaluate the everyday chemicals and toxins they were using around their homes. 

Armed with a vision and one of the catchiest names in the business, the Sisters began creating their own beauty products made from natural products like activated charcoal, earth clays, essential oils, and herb.

These powerhouse women are re-shaping the beauty industry and showing a little dirt, really doesn’t hurt.

3. Partake Foods

Partake Foods Black CEO & founder Denise Woodard is a woman determined to make the world better, healthier and equal.

Her journey into creating healthy vegan snacks started when her daughter developed food allergies from a young age. Limited by food options, Denise quit her corporate job and started making her own.

The success of Partake Foods has also led Denise down the path of raising awareness for aspiring Black and female entrepreneurs and mentoring those looking to make their own paths in the food industry.

4. Elements of Aliel

When it comes to vegan skincare, Elements of Aliel is the minimalist’s choice.

The female-led, black-owned business was founded by LaKeisha Entsuah who used her biologics manufacturing and clinical research background to bring to life naturally-inspired face, body, and aromatherapy products.

LaKeisha says less is more when it comes to healthier beauty – and we have to agree!

5. iEatGrass

iEatGrass brings the world vegan food that even non-vegans can’t get enough of.

Lifelong vegan and chef Ayindè Howell was inspired to create the company after being teased as a child by kids thinking he only ate grass. 

Probably best known for his iconic – and hilariously named – Mac and Yease, it’s safe to say Ayindè’s really showed his bullies.

6. Organic Bath Co.

The Organic Bath Co. dips its toes into a range of must-have vegan beauty products ranging from body butter to hand soap.

The company was founded by Gianne Doherty and her husband Jay Weeks after Gianne had an adverse reaction to one of her favorite beauty products. Upon further research, the couple discovered women, and particularly women of color, are commonly marketed harmful and toxic beauty products – and they were emboldened to make a change.

Gianne and Jay have been leading the charge to change the way we bathe, wash and keep clean with simple, not complicated ingredients.

7. The Vegan Prophets

vegan black owned businesses

Vegan Prophets owner, Chris, believes the best way to send a vegan message is through what you wear. This led him to design what he calls “vegan streetwear”.

Vegan streetwear is clothing with a purpose. Not only is it stylish and comfortable, but it also delivers a message in a smart, bold, and confident way.

8. Hella Nuts

If you said you could make meat out of walnuts, many might think you’re nuts… Hella Nuts.

Hella Nuts was brought to life by co-founders and chefs Mieko & Kami who decided not all junk food had to be junk.

The pair are known for their work within the black community, helping children of color gain access to healthier food alternatives.

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