Must-Watch Vegan Documentaries in 2022

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Watching vegan documentaries might be the easiest way to inspire yourself, friends, or family to go – or stay – vegan.

Whether for animal rights, health benefits, or the planet, there’s a documentary for every aspect of veganism.

The documentaries in this article have been separated by Environmentalism, Ethics, and Health.

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Where to Watch Vegan Documentaries?

Most of the documentaries listed in this article can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or free platforms like Youtube.

The good news is a lot of vegan documentary makers offer their documentaries free of charge as their main motivation is spreading the vegan word.

However, the upside of paying to watch vegan documentaries means your money is going to a good cause.

Environmental Vegan Documentaries:

The following documentaries teach us everything we need to know about easy changes we can make in our daily lives to have a real, meaningful impact on the planet.

1. Seaspiracy

vegan documentary seaspiracy

Seaspiracy is the latest vegan documentary to hit the shores.

The film takes a deep dive into the fishing industries and reveals some surprising facts about the impacts on the environment.

The documentary is a must-watch for anyone who has ever questioned whether eating is fish can be sustainable or ethical.

Where to watch: Netflix.

2. Cowspiracy

best vegan documentaries

One of the most talked-about vegan documentaries. The documentary follows Kip Andersen as he explores the sustainability of the animal agriculture industry.

This shocking documentary forces viewers to confront a secret far bigger than first imagined.

Where to watch: Netflix

3. Racing Extinction

Discover the ways in which human behavior is the driving force behind our planet going into its 6th mass extinction and what we can do to help.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

4. Before The Flood

In this visually stunning film, Leonardo DiCaprio addresses the driving forces behind our planet’s most serious threat – climate change.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Ethical Vegan Documentaries:

These documentaries on animal rights are sure to get you thinking about the ethical treatment of animals and how we can help the well-being of animals.

5. Dominion

ethical vegan documentary dominion

One of the hardest documentaries you’ll most likely ever watch. Dominion confronts viewers with the truth of what happens behind closed doors in animal-based industries.

And it’s not just factory farms that will shock you. You might want to bring a box of tissues for this one.

Where to watch: Youtube

6. Earthlings

earthlings vegan documentary

One of the world’s most famous vegan celebrities, Joaquin Phoenix, narrated the documentary Earthlings and said:

“Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most. For every one person who sees Earthlings, they will tell three.”

Where to watch: Nation Earth / Youtube

7. Speciesism

speciesism vegan documentary

In this visually stunning film, Leonardo DiCaprio addresses the driving forces behind our planet’s most serious threat.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

8. The Ghosts In Our Machine

the ghosts in our machine

This visually stunning documentary highlights the lives of individual animals trapped in our current societal model that profits off of animal exploitation.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Humans & Health Vegan Documentaries:

These documentaries explain the importance of diet on both personal and public health levels.

9. The Game Changers

vegan athletes documentary

The first question many vegans are asked is: “Where do you get your protein?”. This documentary dispels the myth that we need meat to be strong and fit by highlighting vegan athletes around the world.

The documentary boasts an impressive cast of athletes, including: James Wilkes, Lewis Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Where to watch: Netflix

10. What The Health

what the health vegan documentary

From the makers of Cowspiracy, What The Health lifts the veil on the health industry by exploring the impacts of a plant-based diet in fighting and preventing many of the diseases we’re faced with today.

The sometimes shocking documentary gives hope to fighting diseases with diet, not pills.

Where to watch: Netflix

11. Forks Over Knives

forks over knives documentary

Many misconceptions about nutrition have led lots of people to remain confused about the food they put in their bodies.

Forks Over Knives helps viewers gain a new and deeper understanding of what it means to eat a healthy diet.

Where to watch: Netflix

How Vegan Documentaries Are Helping?

There is no doubt vegan documentaries have had a profound effect on the world. Education and awareness are powerful catalysts are the driving force behind change.

As consumers learn more about the devastating effects of factory farming, they are pushing the food industry towards a more sustainable, healthy and humane system one delicious meal at a time.

The US plant-based foods industry topped $5 Billion in annual sales in 2017 and the dairy-alternative market is anticipated to cross USD 34 Billion by 2020; even the meat industry itself recognizes this trend.

Tyson, the largest meat producer in the US invested 55 million dollars into a plant-based protein company called Beyond Meat. Cargill, another major meat producer, sold off the last of its cattle feedlots because they wanted to free up funds to invest in plant-based proteins.

We steer the food industry with every single purchase and luckily, it seems as though we are choosing to drive it in the right direction.

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