Vegan Hiking Snacks: 10 Snack Ideas For Hitting The Trails

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Dust off your hiking boots, it's time to hit the trails.

Trekking is all about enjoying nature, friends, and getting off the grid. 

But for vegans, food options can become a little scarce while hiking. So if you're planning long days trekking, ensure to pre-pack a snack or two for the trip.

Whether it's for a pre-hike energy kick, a rest-stop snack, or a comfort treat around the campfire - these are the best vegan snack ideas for hitting the trails.

10 Best Vegan Hiking Snacks

1. Trail Mix

Is there a hiking snack more aptly named than trail mix?

There's a good reason why the nuts and seeds combination is a staple of many hiker's snack repertoire. 

Not only are they packed full of protein, iron, and essential B-vitamins - but they taste delicious too.

Trail mix is easy to come by at grocery stores and to make yourself at home.

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2. Protein Bars

High protein bars are fantastic vegan hiking snacks as they contain a lot of energy, are filling, and are easy to pack (and even eat on-the-go).

They are also a great way to replenish your muscles after a strenuous day.

Discover High Protein Vegan Snacks here

3. Energy Drinks

Snacks are not just about food. In fact, drinks can be a faster and easier source of energy when being active.

Energy Drinks can come in many different forms, from caffeine-based, high-sugar, and even tea-based beverages.

Discover Vegan Energy Drinks here

4. Energy Bites

Unlike protein bars, energy bites are snacks you can nipple on in small portions. 

As vegan snack box curators, we're seeing more plant-based energy bites coming into the market in the last year.

The bites are great for hiking as you can enjoy them on the trails and get a boost in energy too.

Discover Vegan Energy Snacks here

5. Dried Fruits

Fruit is one of the healthiest snacks we can enjoy. But the truth is, not all fruit is convenient when it comes to hiking. 

This is because fruit like bananas can be prone to crushing under hiking gear. 

A great solution is dried fruits - where you can get all the good nutrients of fruit and can carry a lot more without fear of crushing it.

Discover Dried Fruit Snacks here

6. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas make for a great way to snack while on a hike. 

Chickpeas are packed full of protein and are easy to portion into snack-sized treats.

Chickpea Recommendations: Add a light layer of oil over your chickpeas before roasting and flavor with spices like paprika, garlic powder and lemon juice.

7. Vegan Jerky

For jerky-lovers, plant-based jerky is an ideal hiking snack for vegans.

It might have taken a while for vegan jerky to catch up, but in the last few years its come leaps and bounds and is even rivaling meat jerky in terms of taste.

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8. Raw Veggie Sticks

It's important to avoid snacks that will leave you feeling heavy or sluggish. Fresh-cut veggies are instant pick-me-ups because they are crunchy and nutritious.

You could even pack a tiny container of your favorite dip if you're feeling fancy.

Veggie Recommendations: All of them! But we especially like carrots, cucumber, snap peas, and bell peppers

9. Chips

At the end of the day, chips are such a universal snack it doesn't matter where you are to enjoy them - including in the wilderness.

Just don't crush them under your hiking gear!

Discover Vegan Chips & Puffs here

10. Nut Butter Snacks

Who doesn't love the joy of nut butter pouches on a hiking rest-stop?

The vegan snack world is packed with different kinds of butter from cashew, macadamia to the good ol' classic peanut.

Discover Vegan Nut Butter Snacks here

As always, remember to bring along plenty of water for yourself and your hiking companions. 

Hydration is essential to staying energized.

What are your favorite snacks for hiking and other wilderness excursions?

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