15 Best Vegan Valentine's Day Chocolates & Gift Boxes

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Finding the perfect vegan Valentine's Day gift is easier than ever with these dairy-free chocolate gift boxes and cruelty-free beauty gift sets that'll make your loved one feel extra special this Valentine's.

Every product and gift box in this list is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you can be sure your gift aligns exactly with the values of your loved one.

Because we all deserve to spoil our loved ones once and a while.

1. Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Box

2022 Vegancuts Premium Chocolate Box

The Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Box is truly the ultimate Valentine's gift full to the brim with premium plant-based chocolates that'll have everyone licking their lips. This vegan chocolate collection might be the greatest chocolate box ever created and even comes with a special Valentine's Day insert for your loved one.


2. Snack & Beauty Premium Gift Box

vegan products gift box

Not sure what to get your loved one? This Snack & Beauty Gift Box combines the best of vegan food and self-care in an all-in-one Valentine's Day Gift set. The gift box contains more than 25 items valued at $130+ for less than $65. Now that's a good Valentine's Day deal.


3. B12 Infused Dark Chocolate Bites

sourse b12 vitamin bites

If you want to gift chocolate with a difference, then Sourse has created the perfect vegan angle on chocolate. These bites are not only utterly mouth-watering, but are the tastiest way to supplement Vitamin B12 (which is recommended for vegans). Now that's a great way to put a healthy twist of Valentine's Day chocolate. Why not add these bites to a your very own custom Vegancuts Gift Box?


4. Zero-Waste Shampoo Bar

sustainable shampoo alternative

Valentine's Day doesn't need to be all chocolates. Beauty products are another way to gift your loved ones, especially when they come from ethical and clean brands. This zero-waste shampoo bar is an alternative to traditional shampoo and is good for you and the environment. You can also add this gift to a custom-made beauty box by adding other products.


5. Strawberry Passion Dark Chocolate

strawberry cacao chocolate

Valentine's Day is perhaps the most passionate time of the year and Chocolita has created a bar intended exactly for that. Filled with healthy herbs, this raw dark chocolate bar is also an aphrodisiac making it ideal for a passionate Valentine's Day with your loved one. You can also add Chocolita's other bars to your order including Morning Matcha.


6. Discovery Snack Box Subscription

dairy free gift boxes

If you're seeking a vegan Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving, the Discovery Snack Box is the perfect choice. This monthly subscription delivers 10+ high-quality plant-based snacks to your door each month. Gifting this subscription will show your loved one you care every month.


7. Discovery Beauty Box Subscription

ethical beauty gifts

Just like the Discovery Snack Box, this monthly subscription allows the giftee to discover the best vegan and cruelty-free beauty products on the market each month. These high-value gift boxes will keep your beauty cabinet free from toxins and always fresh.


8. Mixed Berries Oat Milk Dark Chocolate

ethical chocolate gifts

Endangered Species Chocolate are a chocolate brand that really makes a difference. When you gift these chocolate bars, you're supporting endangered wildlife with 10% of proceeds going to animal conservation. These bars are a great Valentine's Day gift for animal lovers.


9. Luxurious Facial Cleanser

This all-natural, luxurious face cleanser in gift-worthy packaging has been making the rounds in sustainable, mission-driven circles. Fleur & Bee is one of our favorite conscious-product companies, making their products a great outside-the-box Valentine's gift for your loved one.


10. Plant-Based Truffle Hot Sauce

vegan hot sauce

Things can get pretty hot on Valentine's Day, so why not spice things up with Truffle Hot Sauce. This organic plant-based hot sauce combines sweet and spicy with a mild to medium heat that will be a great addition to your Valentine's Day romantic dinner.


11. Oversized Vegan Snack Gift Box

vegan snack gift box

Looking for a gift box that's packed full of flavor, treats and value this Valentine's Day? The Oversized Snack Box is a great introduction to vegan snacking with plant-based favorite chocolates, candy and pantry items voted into this gift box.


12. Eco-Conscious Dental Products

sustainable dental products

As more of us become conscious of the products we use and their impacts on the planet, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show your love of the planet and your special human. Terra and Co's Organic Black Charcoal Toothpaste and Dental Floss makes for a great sustainably conscious gift and a healthy alternative to dental routines worth smiling about.


13. Adult Candy

gelatin free candy

While Valentine's Day is often synonymous with chocolates, not everyone is a fan, and some of us have chocolate allergies. In that case, adult candy like Pink Panda's Treasure Chews make the ideal Valentine's gift. These guilt-free gummies and sweet without the sugar meaning your partner can enjoy them without worrying about their sugar intake.


14. Natural Deodorant Cream

vegan deodorant cream

Deodorant sprays have a pretty track record with the environment. That's why deodorant creams are popping up as a sustainable substitute. This cream is baking soda free and crafted by hand making it a a unique and thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day.


15. Customized Vegan Valentine's Gift Box

discover vegan snacks

Still undecided on the best Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? The Vegancuts Market lets you create a customized gift box with snacks, chocolates, beauty and self-care products. Make your Valentine's Day extra special with gift boxes made exactly for your special one.


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