December Boxes Product Info

Our box curators work tirelessly to provide you with an experience you will love. This page contains details of every product that you will find in your box, plus a list of exclusive discounts especially for Vegancuts customers.

Winter Makeup Box Details

The Winter Makeup Box’s theme is:          Snow Bunny

Bun Bun Ching Farm Rescue

Photo credit: Lauren Vlam

Our Winter Makeup Box insert features S, Bun Bun Ching Farm Rescue & Animal Sanctuary in Riverton, UT. Proceeds from this quarter’s box go to support this sanctuary.

Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary was founded by Faith and Mike Ching in 1998. They advocate for farm animals through rescue, education, and adoption or placement services in the Salt Lake valley. Ching Farm believes the work they do can help change the perception of these animals, and create a deeper respect for their rich emotional lives. With each and every contribution they receive, they’re able to continue that mission. Donations provide the animals at Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary with the food, housing, and medical care they need to live happy and healthy lives.

To learn more about them and see how you can help visit their site.


1. La Beaute Soi Beauty Blender – $4

The Soi Blender features an easy-to-hold egg shape that expands when wet, providing buildable and streak free coverage when used with your favorite complexion products! The rounded edge is perfect for all over application, while the pointed tip helps to blend hard to reach areas.

How to Use: Great for application with primers, foundations, concealers and setting powders! For effortless blending: wet sponge and gently squeeze water out before application.

*Latex Free SBR

2. Nomad Cosmetics New York Eyeshadow in shades Graffiti Art OR Concrete Jungle – $12

Velvety, blendable and highly pigmented eyeshadows infused with antioxidant-rich Vitamins C & E to help protect lids, giving you color that looks good and does good. 2 satin shades inspired by the melting pot that is New York City:

GRAFFITI ART – satin soft pink
CONCRETE JUNGLE – satin concrete grey

3. Juice Beauty PhytoPigments Mascara – $24

Volumizing nutrient-rich mascara powered by intense plant-derived Phyto-Pigments for a feathery-soft look and feel after every smooth, buildable coat. Non-drying formula leaves lashes clump-free and is designed to minimize smudging and flaking. 

4. Han Skincare Cosmetics Illuminator in Champagne, Aphrodite, Ballerina, and Moonlight – $18.00

Our Illuminator adds a healthy glow to skin without looking glittery and nourishes from organic coconut oil and organic jojoba oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

* This natural and gentle highlighter imparts a subtle luminous glow to skin without any sparkle and wakes up the face
* Formulated with hydrating skin care ingredients to nourish and benefit the skin
* Vegan, Healthy and All Natural

Shade Descriptions:

  • Champagne – Light gold champagne
  • Aphrodite – Peach with soft gold shimmer
  • Ballerina – Ethereal baby pink
  • Moonlight – White iridescence

How to Use: Warm product in jar with fingertip and pat onto the high points of face (top of cheekbones, temples, brow bones, center of eyelids, bridge of nose and cupid’s bow) for a dewy and healthy-looking glow. Build to the desired level of radiance.

5. Dr.’s REMEDY Nail Polish in Shades Cozy Cafe, Giving Garnet, Amity Amythest, OR Bountiful Blue – $17

Vegan Polish made by foot doctors. Infused with organic, naturally healing ingredients. 

Shade Descriptions:

  • Amity Amythest – A moderately bright, smokey purple that is soothing yet excitable.
  • Bountiful Blue – A tranquil, cornflower blue flecked with a subtle hint of shimmer.
  • Cozy Cafe – A cafe au lait with hints of pinkish grey and a splash of lilac.
  • Giving Garnet – A shimmer-flecked flash of bold crimson color.

December Beauty Box Details

Theme: Leaping Bunny Collaboration 

Levi Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

Photo credit: Shannon Kehle-Forbes

Levi from Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

Our December Beauty Box features Levi Farmaste Animal Sanctuary and proceeds from this month’s box go to support this sanctuary.

Levi and his sisters, Lola & Luna, came to Farmaste as 4-month old lambs after a college student with a big heart got over her head. She took in these spring lambs to save them from slaughter. Without a farm or property, she found a man with property who was willing to keep and care for them temporarily. With the help of her mom, she came to realize that she wouldn’t be able to give them the life they deserved, and they reached out to Farmaste for help. We see this often – people with tender hearts who take in farmed animals without a long term care plan. Caring for these animals, especially as babies, requires specialized skills and knowledge. When the lambs came to us, they were severely underweight and carrying high parasite loads. Levi has been the most outgoing thus far, he loves human attention!

Learn more about Farmaste Animal Sanctuary and how you can help here.


1. Suki Skincare Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – 3.5 oz

  • purifies pores, reducing toxic build-up & debris
  • promotes radiant, smooth, even skin tone
  • smooths & softens complexion
  • reduces dry skin build-up & blemishing of all kinds
  • stimulates cellular renewal & jumpstarts collagen production

Note: do NOT use if you have rosacea or irritated open skin

How to Use: wet hands & blend very small amount between palms to activate the rounding action of the sugar crystals. use less water for more intense exfoliation. massage onto face, lips, décolleté & body once a day (am or pm) or 2-3 times per week based on sensitivity. rinse & remove with moist suki facial cloth.


  • great for ingrown hairs
  • invigorating aroma therapy
  • when exfoliation is needed for body, apply directly onto elbows, knees, feet, etc
  • use after cleansing for powerful ‘double cleanse’

2. Wildland Organics Ritual Oil – Travel Size .17 oz

Reduce clutter and travel light, while indulging in the curative benefits of this exquisite multi-use oil.

Formulated primarily as a beauty oil to combat fine lines & reduce redness – organic Baobab, Camellia & Argan work triple time as a quick-absorbing facial treatment, hair serum, & cuticle oil all in one. 

Made with Organic, Wildcrafted, and Fair Trade Ingredients, The Ritual Oil is our #1 Best Seller.

Light, Non-Greasy Formula 

Vegan + Non-GMO + Gluten Free

Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

Travel-friendly locking pump

RIPT tested to be safe for All Skin Types

How to Use: Daily Rituals & Treatments

Face: Apply 1/2 to 1 full pump to face for nourishing hydration day or night. This oil is also ideal for use as a cleanser when practicing the oil cleansing method

Hair: Work 1-2 pumps through ends of hair while wet or dry for frizz-free styling. A little goes a long way, so be mindful of your hair type when applying.

Hands: Apply 1/2 pump to deeply moisturize hands and cuticles.

Formulated for normal, dry & oily skin + all hair types, including color-treated hair. For sensitive skin, we recommend our Bare Ritual Oil.

Deep Scalp Treatment: Place oil on your fingertips and gently massage into scalp, section by section, until entire scalp is hydrated. Be mindful not to massage too vigorously, as this could aggravate the scalp and cause flakiness. Allow oils to penetrate for 5-10 minutes, then cleanse twice with The Super Bar. Follow with Matcha Clarifying Rinse for an added dose of shine!


3. Saavy Naturals Bar Soap – 1.2 oz 

Calm your world with our heavenly blend of pure Lavender and Chamomile. Formulated With The Purest Essential Oils, Plant Extracts, 100% Natural Colors And Nothing Else. Luxurious Rich, Creamy Lather Thoroughly Cleans. Made Of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera And Sustainably Sourced Vitamin E. Actually Balances And Conditions Your Skin. Leaves Skin Feeling Soft And Supple, Never Dry Or Stripped.

How to Use: Wash yourself from head to toe, avoiding your eyes, of course. Gentle enough to use on your face. Great for shaving. Makes a fantastic shampoo, especially for men and anyone with short hair. Gentle enough to use as often as needed.

4. OSEA Sea Minerals Mist – 1 oz Travel Size This nourishing elixir delivers immediate hydration and prepares skin for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers. Organic Patagonian Seaweed, Dead Sea Salt, and Aloe Vera provide mineral-rich hydration and help soften skin for a balanced, toned and soothed complexion. Supercharged with Mineral Peptides to plump skin. Reduces appearance of surface redness and pores for a perfectly revitalized look.

How to Use: Mist face after cleansing and as needed throughout the day to boost hydration. Spritz on to set or refresh makeup. Spray liberally on face and body after sun exposure. May be stored in fridge for a cooling burst of moisture.

5. Acure Brightening Under Eye Supergreens Hydrogels – 2 single use eye gels

Caffeine & kale, all skin types.

Soothe and depuff your tired undereye area with these cooling super greens hydrogels.

Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free, Silicone free, Cruelty free

How to Use: Open on a flat surface, being careful to open the mask tray side up, keeping the hydrating elixir in the tray. Lift mask out one at a time and apply to under eye area while lying back, taking care not to place directly in or on top of your eye. Take a selfie because this is a good look for you. Allow to set for 15-20 minutes. Remove and discard.

December Snack Box Details

Theme: Sweet & Savory Snacks

Jackson Omani Lasa Sanctuary

Photo credit: Joy Smetzer

Our December Snack Box features Jackson Omani from Lasa Sanctuary in Wooster, OH and proceeds from this month’s box go to support this sanctuary.

Jackson was rescued from a 1000+ animal cruelty case that garnered national attention. He’s our resident mop top with a relaxed and gentle spirit.

Lasa Sanctuary is home to 140+ animals of 17 species. Lasa works to promote vegan living through education and experience designed to celebrate the interconnectedness of all living beings, to provide sanctuary to animals in need, and to share a message of compassionate healing and enduring love throughout the human community.

To learn more about Lasa Sanctuary and how you can help visit their site.


1. Hippeas (Nacho Flavor) These puffs give all the “cheeze” feels, minus the guilt. Kick back and snack, ‘cuz these are nacho average puffs.

2. Theo Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar Salty and sweet: Better together. Made from rich, organic dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt, this bar is the perfect combination of flavors. NEW LOOK: Keep an eye out for our brand new look! Same delicious chocolate; packaging may vary as we transition.

3. NuGo Dark Mocha Chocolate Protein Bar Coffee Lovers, meet your new favorite gourmet snack. This delicious combination of luscious dark chocolate and rich coffee will satisfy your cravings. NuGo Dark is the first protein bar of its kind – low fat, OU Pareve, and covered in delicious, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

4. Elma Farms Poshi Marinated Artichokes The moment you open the pouch you’re greeted with the fragrant aroma of our Mediterranean herb blend. We’ve taken select quarters of artichoke, seasoned them with fragrant thyme, aromatic basil, zesty lime and tossed in the finest extra virgin olive oil.

5. pirq Golden Vanilla or Decadent Chocolate Beverage* Golden Vanilla: Bright and yellow just like the sun.  Coincidence?  Absolutely not.  This subtly sweet and sip-able flavor is like a hug for your inner self, with the perfect touch of vanilla and a whole lot of soothing.

*Replaced by PopChips Yes Peas Sea Salt Flavor for Canadian and International subscribers.

Decadent Chocolate: Meet your newest chocolate craving, a flavor that promises to indulge your taste buds and nurture your body. With a divine blend of rich cocoas, it is both indulgently chocolatey and delightfully satisfying.

6. Pyure Organic Harmless Hunny** Use just like honey; drizzle on fruit, stir into tea or spread onto toast. Pyure Organic Sugar-Free Harmless Hunny has the same rich taste and thick texture as honey without the sugar!

***Replaced by World Peas Fiery Hot Peatos for Canadian and International subscribers.

7. Navitas Organics Essential Blend Vanilla & Greens This Superfood Blend brings you diverse sources of plant-based protein, superfoods, greens and probiotics in one easy-to-use healthy smoothie mix. Its subtly sweet vanilla flavor blends well with nearly anything. Just one serving gives you 12 grams plant protein, 14 superfoods, 6 billion CFUs probiotics plus four digestive enzymes—with no gluten, dairy or artificial sweeteners.

How to Use: Mix 1-2 scoops of this organic superfood powder with 8 ounces of water or add to your favorite recipe, healthy smoothie blend, juice, cereal, or yogurt.

8. Ellyndale Organics Keto Coconut Infusions Organic Coconut Oil Packets Non-Dairy Butter Flavor Butter-flavored Keto Coconut Infusions™ is the amazing combination of organic, virgin coconut oil and our savory vegan butter flavor for a taste sensation that will make you wonder why you ever used butter. It’s perfect as a spread, excellent on popcorn, or as a boost to coffee. With naturally occurring MCTs and no added colors, Keto Coconut Infusions™ is dairy free, vegan, and non-GMO.

9. Beanitos Sea Salt Black Bean Chips Beanitos Black Bean Chips are always corn free and they’re made with just five, simple, all-natural ingredients, including whole black beans, whole-grain rice, pure vegetable oil, and sea salt for a delightful flavor. Beanitos are great with your favorite salsa or dip, as a hearty base for nachos, or right out of the bag as a delicious on-the-go snack that really satisfies without the empty calories of other chips.

10. Kibo Mediterranean Herb Chickpea Chips You know what’s delightful about the Mediterranean? (Trick question — everything.) Including the bright and delicious herbs and spices in every bite of our chips.

11. Bobo’s Chocolate Chip Oat Bites Bobo’s Chocolate Chip Oat Bite is kind of a big deal. This tasty treat feels more like dessert than breakfast, but without the guilt. The slow-burning oats leave you feeling satiated beyond measure, satisfying your hunger and your sweet tooth. We recommend this bar at all times, 24-hours-a-day.

12. Humming Hemp Spicy Hemp Hearts We’re kicking our protein-rich hemp hearts up a notch with these full-bodied hearts that combine just the right amount of smoke and spice! We promise they’re nice. Snack on them right out of the bag!

How to use hemp hearts:

  • Sprinkle on your oatmeal, yogurt, salads, etc.
  • Add into your baked goods.
  • Blend into your smoothie, yogurt, etc.
  • Eat right out of the bag!

13. BONUS! To see what bonus you recevied check out our FAQ.

Brand Partner Discounts Courtesy of Vegancuts

Each month, some of our featured partners provide the Vegancuts community with special discounts. Take advantage of them while they last!

BrandBox Month/SeasonCodeExpiration DateWhat You Get
10+ Free ChemistryDecember 2019 Beauty Box PartnerVEGANCUTS20No expiration date20% off your order
100% PureFall 2019 Makeup BoxPUREVEGAN1January 31, 2020$10 off purchase of $40 or more Offer only valid on full-priced merchandise
ACUREDecemeber 2019 Beauty Box PartnerVegancuts2019January 31, 202020% off, free shipping on orders over $35
AestheticaFall 2019 Makeup Box PartnerAESAVE15December 31, 201915% off the entire website
Alo SnacksJuly 2019 Snack Box PartnerVC15February 20, 202015% off purchase of ALO Snacks (includes free shipping. Limit one use per customer
Bobo’s Oat BarsDecember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTS19January 31, 202030% off, free shipping already provided
Bubba’s Fine FoodsOctober 2019 Snack Box PartnerVegancutsDecember 31, 201925% off your order
CocomelsNovember 2019 Snack BoxVEGANCUTS15December 31, 201915% off, and free shipping on orders over $25
Cucina AmoreAugust 2019 Snack Box Partner15BOX OFFDecember 31, 201915% off any order. Limit one use per customer. Offer good at the Amazon store only.
CurologyNovember 2019 Beauty BoxNo code needed!January 1, 2020An entire skincare set—for free. (Just $4.95 S&H)
Delizioso SkincareNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGCUTS30December 31, 201930% off $30+, plus a FREE vegan deodorant sample with purchase!
Dirty LambOctober 2019 Beauty Box PartnerDirtyveganJanuary 31, 202040% off entire order of $12 or more and free shipping
Earnest EatsSeptember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVegancutsDecember 31, 201915% off, does not provide free shipping
Elma FarmsDecember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTSPOSHI19January 11, 202015% off all Poshi flavors
Four SigmaticNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTSBOXDecember 11, 201915% off your order
HAN Skincare CosmeticsWinter 2019 Makeup Box PartnerVCBEAUTY10March 31, 202010% off all full-size products except for new releases
IQ BarNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUT25December 31, 201925% off your order
Kibo FoodsNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerKIBOVC25January 31, 202025% off 1 box of either 1oz or 4oz Chickpea Chips
la beauté SoiFall 2019 Makeup Box PartnerVEGANCUTSMarch 1, 202020% and free shipping on all orders over $25
Miracle TreeAugust 2019 Snack Box PartnerNone Needed!None2 packs of tea (50 bags total) for $14 and free shipping
Navitas OrganicsDecember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTSFebruary 29, 202025% off and no free shipping and one use per customer
New ChapterNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerNCPLANTDecember 31, 201920% off (no minimum order) + Free shipping on orders of $49 or more
NIU BodyAugust 2019 Beauty Box PartnerVEGANCUTSJanuary 31, 202025% off all products, excluding skin kits. Free shipping on orders over $40. Limit one use per customer
NOW FoodsDecember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTSFebruary 28, 2020Order a jar of Coconut Infusions, get the packets free!
NuGo NutritionDecember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTSFebruary 29, 202015% off any order.
December 2019 Snack Box Partner
VEGANCUTS20February 29, 2020$33 Minimum Order, 20% off & free shipping
Pistache SkincareSeptember 2019 Beauty Box PartnerVegan15December 31,201915% off your entire purchase
PopChipsOctober 2019 Snack Box Partner20VEGANCUTSDecember 31, 201920% off one case of 1oz or 4oz. Limit one use per customer
PyureDecember 2019 Snack Box Partner2HUNNYFebruary 28, 2020$2 off your order
RickaroonsOctober 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTS5December 31, 2019$5 off your purchase of $25 or more
Shanti BarNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVeganLove30January 1, 202030% off your order
Split NutritionOctober 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTS25December 7, 201925% off entire order. Limit one use per customer.
Suki SkincareDecember 2019 Beauty Box PartnerVegancuts2019February 29, 202025% off entire order. Limit one use per customer.
Tahoe Trail BarNovember 2019 Snack Box PartnerVegancutsJanuary 15, 2020$12 off order (free shipping on orders of 2 or more 12-packs)
TEAONICOctober 2019 Snack Box PartnerTRY50December 31, 201950% off all products. Limit one use per customer
TeeccinoOctober 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTS19December 31, 201925% off any purchase. Limit one use per customer
The Matzo Project
August 2019 Snack Box PartnerVEGANCUTSNovember 15, 201915% off entire order. Limit one use per customer
Theo ChocolateDecember 2019 Snack Box Partnervegan15February 29, 202015% off sitewide
UNREALDecember 2019 Snack Box Partnervegancuts15December 31, 201915% off any order of any vegan item
WeledaOctober 2019 Beauty Box PartnerVegancutsJanuary 1, 202025% off any product
Zion HealthAugust 2019 Beauty Box PartnerClayDry25July 1, 202025% off any deodorant purchase. Limit one use per customer

Recipe Roundup

Yummy recipes using ingredients from this month’s Snack Box!

We rounded up some of our favorite recipes so when you grab your box you know just what to prepare!