Skincare Essentials Box

Skincare Essentials Box
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  • Skincare Essentials Box
  • Skincare Essentials Box
  • Skincare Essentials Box
  • Skincare Essentials Box
  • Skincare Essentials Box


  • 10 beautiful products
  • Mask, scrub, moisturizer, serum & more
  • Upgrade your skincare routine
  • Makes a great gift

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The Skincare Essentials Box price has been reduced given the Suntegrity Skincare Sunscreen + Primer has a sell-by date of July 2017.

Don’t forget to give a gift to one of the most important parts of your life—your skin! Our Skincare Essentials Box is specially curated to get your routine at home up to par with a top of the line spa. Serums, moisturizers, and scrubs are just a few things you’ll find tucked inside this truly unique box.

Each box includes the following products:

Modicum Serum - 10 ml
Facial serum boasting the ability to do it all from moisturizing your skin to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles

Page Ashbury Facial Moisturizer - 0.51 oz
Rejuvenating facial moisturizer powered by jasmine, neroli essential oils and aloe vera

Mai Couture Vitamin C + E Blotting Paper - 0.53 oz
Wipe away unwanted dirt and oil buildup using this super soft blotting paper infused with vitamins C & E

SK Pure Essentials Jasmine Citrus Body Scrub - 2 oz
Gently exfoliating organic cane sugar body scrub infused with jasmine and citrus oils

clariSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant - 1 oz
Activated bamboo charcoal rapidly absorbs and whisks away impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed

Suntegrity Skincare Deluxe Sample Tube Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen + Primer - 0.25 oz
3-in-1 facial care that serves as a moisturizer, sunscreen and a makeup primer
Product has a sell-by date of 7/17/17.

Nature’s Shea Butter Shea Butter Mini - 1.5 oz
Shea butter perfect for moisturizing your skin

Derma e Purifying Daily Detox Scrub - 0.5 oz
Crafted with activated charcoal and marine algae, this purifying detox scrub is gentle enough for everyday use

Granola Goat The Amazing Face Serum - 0.12 oz
Unique face serum of red raspberry seed oil and sea buckthorn berry oil

Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask - 1.75 oz
Rejuvenating clay mask pulls out impurities while adding antioxidants and hydrating your skin

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