Spotlight Program on Black Owned Businesses

Spotlight Program Overview

Cohort 1: Black-Owned Vegan Businesses

At Vegancuts, an important part of our values is to contribute in a meaningful way to our community. As we’ve been talking with leaders and entrepreneurs in the Black community, it’s evident that there are real disparities with the resources, advice, and access available to Black entrepreneurs. We also recognize that the success of a business is linked to the success of society.

With this thought, we’ve been working through how we can provide real, long-term support – a means to bring direct impact to Black-owned businesses.

We’re now launching the Spotlight Program – a system of support that utilizes the Vegancuts platform to assist vegan Black-owned businesses.

Program Highlights & FAQs

  • Intention: Support the Black community in a meaningful way, utilizing our strengths and resources at Vegancuts.
  • Overview: 5 up-and-coming Black-owned snack/beverage or beauty vegan brands will join a cohort, and each will be provided a new path for sales, marketing, and coaching through Vegancuts and its specialist advisors.
  • What each Spotlight brand will receive:
    • Relevant guidance and coaching on business challenges being faced.
    • A cohort of other Black emerging entrepreneurs to aid in peer-to-peer support.
    • National Marketing through Vegancuts channels.
  • Is there a charge for this? Absolutely not. The purpose of this program is to provide genuine support in the development of Black-owned brands. This means Spotlight brands will pay Vegancuts 0% commission and no fees, and Vegancuts will pay for all credit card processing fees with every purchase. This way, a Spotlight brand will keep 100% of the revenue from every sale.
  • How long will the cohort last? This program will launch on August 5th with the first cohort lasting 4 months. After this, another cohort of brands will be brought through the program. Our intent is for the Spotlight Program to continue growing and evolving in meaningful ways through the long-run.
  • Can non-vegan brands be included in the Spotlight Program? At Vegancuts, every product we provide to customers is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Any brands featured in the Spotlight program will have the same requirements. As with all products featured through Vegancuts, a thorough verification of product ingredients will be completed before listing.
  • Will other communities be represented in the Spotlight Program? This is our intention. The first cohort will be for Black-owned businesses. We hope to extend this program with future cohorts.

How to Apply

Are you a Black-owned up-and-coming snack/beverage or beauty brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free?

Are you interested in the support and marketing that will come through being a part of the Spotlight Program?

If yes, we’d love for you to apply. Application Deadline: July 5th, 2020

Apply Here

After your application is submitted, you can expect to hear more from us personally in the first half of July. We thank you for your patience as we expect to receive many applicants.

If you have any questions, please write to us at

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